Japanese tiers according to TK


Thought I’d make a new topic in case people don’t check the other one. This is really interesting. In reply to Rockefeller’s post about Necro and tiers TK posted the following character rankings on his forum:

01 Ken
02 Yun
03 Chun-li

04 Oro
05 Makoto
06 Urien
07 Dudley
08 Yang

09 Akuma
10 Ryu
11 Elena
12 Necro
13 Ibuki

14 Alex
15 12
16 Remy
17 Sean
18 Hugo
19 Q

“Although there was also a portion which is hard to decide.”


damn, why is oro so high up there at number 4?


Whats “TK”?:wink:


Because one SA2 meter plus parry = dead Ken.


Yeah, I always thought oro should’ve been ranked higher up. He’s a little bitch with Tengu Stone.:stuck_out_tongue:


TK is probably the best Q user there is…


TK is the TRUTH. Oro 4 life.


i think he is making fun of us.


so you just parry, activate yagyou dama, and do some crazy ass combo? i know nothing about oro, would you mind explaining?



Parry into the basic Oro chicken kick combo [ strong (one hit), QCF+forward ] x 2, strong (one hit) into strong Yagyou (hits once and knocks them down where they can’t quick stand). Dash twice as they’re falling and then jump over them right before they get up. Immediately double jump straight up and come down behind them with an air RH as the Yagyou hits from the other side. Unblockable. As they’re being hit by the Yagyou, standing strong and start the whole thing over again. If you start with one full meter, you’ll be able to do it non-stop until they’re dead.

Doesn’t work on Chun Li (because she gets up so damn slowly) or Yun (because the chicken kick combo won’t work on him) but it’s murder for Ken. If you can murder the #1 character, you rank highly. Oro also has a long stun bar, a decent kara throw, a standing RH that stuns in 4 hits, a quirky double jump, etc. He’s not bad, even without the unblockable - just not top.


Alternate unblockable for the twins:

close s.Strong (both hits) XX Strong Yagyou Dama, immediate j.Roundhouse, jump over the body, close s.Forward XX command grab. Voila, 60% damage and 70% stun.

Yagyou hits twice, jumping Roundhouse hits along with the third hit of the Yagyou (can’t quickstand now), final hit of the Yagyou is used to break the guard on wakeup.

If you’re worried about wakeup parries (Yagyou is parryable both high and low), you can either randomly replace the close s.Forward with d.Forward or just go straight into the command grab. The latter is truly unescapable since it’s both unblockable and unparryable, but only does 50% damage and 50% stun.

This will also work on Hugo, of course, but why bother when a) you don’t want to get close enough to launch him and b) you can guardbreak him at will anyway?


Completely off-topic, but tougeki.com updated with the first teams for SBO2. If I’m not mistaken the first team qualified is:

Sugiyama (Necro)/Sawaguchi (Yun)/Y.S.B (Hugo).



It said here Ino (chun) tried to qualify by himself?? huh?


Wait, I just realized TK is a Q player at tournament level, yet he places Q on bottom! :lol: Even below Sean and Twelve! :confused:


Alex that low o_O, 12 > Remy o_O, Oro better than Makoto O_O, Hugo < Sean o_O, Yun not #1 o_O, these are pretty strange tiers, and can’t be really taken seriously in the U.S. as they are on a different level than we are.


a nice way to brag even more about his victories :lame:
j/k… TK is a Demi-god (I remember him beating one of the best japanese Kens… I don’t recall if it was Hitotsume or Spellmaster J, but anyway it was just too great to see)

And I agree on considering Sean better than both Q and Hugo… he actually has some nice stuff, too bad no one of the top players uses him seriously… I think he could get some surprise victories


I don’t know. Had for me to figure why Dudley is not in the top 5


well, in genreal i think people put too much emphisas on tiers in the first place. i think the main thing that keeps being borught up its not really the character, but the player.


what haunts said <3


But in case you’re wondering

Dudley cant beat top tiers… he dies to chun, loses to ken, and Yun can give him problems.

against his own tier… Urien has a slight adv over him, so does Yang, and so does Akuma.

then he matches up pretty well against the rest.