Japanese underground blissrock


As passionate as I am about Street Fighter, I am quite passionate about music, as I have to be since such an industry is my career. I could post tons of links to typical Japanese indie music, however i decided to focus on posting bands who’s influence are a bit more underground. And by underground I am referring to the noisy, dreamy, type of Japanese shoegaze (nippon bliss). It would be somewhat difficult for me to describe the genre of shoegaze (blissrock) beyond its obvious influence. I believe the statement “Taking drugs to make music, to take drugs to” seems to fit the genre quite perfectly. :wonder:

The following links I provide are for quick listening reference
(as one of the only good features that myspace has to offer is the ease of effectively networking and promoting music).

Coaltar of the Deepers <- you would be wise to start using C/O/T/D vids for combo movies (i.e. fastest draw dream man for ggxx/ vid)

Hartfield <- One of the nicest bands I have ever met


Luminous Orange <- was just as SXSW



Cosmic Dust


Other Japanese bands that are similar to Blissrock

Super Car

MONO <- is probobly touring your city real soon.


and last but not least

*what is shoegaze?


Some nice links. i never heard to much out of japan .

**Drugs has a lot to do with realizing the genius of this music for the first time. **This music is Always very melodic (anybody can hear that)… but I have never heard more ingenius distortions and layers than in this particular genre, not even close. I would have had a hard time learning to appretiate the music without first hearing it while I was high. that is why I stopped intorducing this music to anybody unless they were high. I guess that might mean that the music is not really good for most genres, but with shoegaze, I think it is more about getting past the melody and hearing it’s contrast to the layers and guitar distortions that bands like Ride, mastered.

I really dont know why some people completely reject this genre… its deep.
after I was board with it, I ended up going backwards and finding cocteau twins and other stuff, random genius bands that slipped through the grips of metal, punk and other bullshit. of course there is the names of the genre like … shoegaze, dream pop and other weird stuff that even makes me uncomfortable. I always called it…“that shit” but Mabey if it was called DEATHFUCK it could have done better… who knows…


wow. i reallie like this! thank you.


You speak the truth. Especially when you refer to “first time” listens. Its not an obnoxious genre, it can be delicate and heavy, passionate and melloncholly all in the same song. I posted the Japanese stuff because I figured it would be an easier to push since most people on this forum can appreciate Japanese music.

If anybody wanted to follow up on how much the contemporary scene has evolved today perhaps you might want to follow this link.



Haha, I’ve actually heard Supercar’s “Storywriter” through an anime called Eureka 7. Pretty good stuff, I guess I’ll have to hunt for some more.


i enjoy this music in a perfectly normal state of mind…is that normal?


Yeah, same here, the stuff Zeidust linked to is awesome, I see no reason why you’d need to be on drugs to appreciate it.

Also, where would oyu get this stuff? I doubt you could just use jpopsuki haha


Perfectly. :bgrin:

Well considering how very small the drug/pot scene is in Japan, I find it hardly surprising. Which still makes me wonder about some of these absurd psychedelic video games Japan makes. Maybe something is in the Sake.

As for getting a majority of the stuff. In the US try shopping online at Tonevendor.com.

I can not remember the Japanese website (hmk or somethign like that) that has an english option, and ships to America. It can be hard tracking some albums down. Especially old Coaltar. Hartfield is easy. Clams I can’t find anywhere. You can find some rare stuff on good underground P2P communities, if you know the album names, it isn’t a problem. (of which I am willing to help if you would like to find out more).

Check out the Band Walrus. Awsome dreamy Fuzzy guitars! Tones of Great Albums.

check out the video for the first song.


Supercar is awesome… I first heard them on the soundtrack for the movie “Ping Pong”… too bad they already quit…







Nice choices guys, I really enjoy this/these genres of music. I’ve been listening to all types of Japanese music since '99. Started off with Akino Arai (Outlaw Star ED.),then I went with the visual/glam rock stuff, some pop, then finally indie type material like Sparta Locals, Urchin Farm, The Band Apart, etc… Which lead me to similar artisit that you have mentioned here.

Downy is really great and I feel original, even though most peoples first impression is WTF is that, sounds like RadioHead. If you like thier style you might want to try out SORA. The album is called Re.Sort, I know there are various other artists with the same name so be careful. Anyway, just wanted to throw some recommendations out there…

-Super Butter Dog
-Ram Rider
-Analog Fish
-Burger Nuds
-First Day Action
-Cibo Matto
-Golden Syrup Lovers (Land Cruising is one of my favorites)
-Spangle Call Lilli Line
-Clammbon (rather pop but with thier own style, lots of piano!)



Thanks for these links. This is the first time I’ve heard this music, and it is very awesome.

It reminds me of a few tracks off of the GGXX #R Korean soundtrack. The first band anyways.

My favorite of these bands so far is Downy. They have a really unique sound.


Fucked up thing about Japan is that there’s thousands of talented fucking people out there making brilliant music that no one can sell because the Japanese music industry pegs shit at 3000 yen a pop (roughly 30 dollars american for one cd). Accordingly, I’ve never heard any of the shit you’re posting up since there is no radio here, and I wouldn’t pay for cable. I’m not super into it, and I’d say there’s better out there (especially in Osaka) but it sure is better than Jpop trash! If only I could hear shit like this on the radio regularly…stupid fucking Japan.


nice nice nice nice nice nice happy face


There is a coaltar album out there called “newwave”. It will blow your mind. Not too sure about the Osaka scene. I am finding new bands in japan all the time. Such a great diversity in styles. I think smaller underground bands typically charge less for albums. You can score a whole discography for cheap from the band if you see them live.

Does Japan have satellite radio?




hmmm so it’s kinda like trip hop. cool find.


My Dead Girlfriend

Another band I found. My Dead Girlfriend




Thanks. I’m always trying to expand what I listen to, so this should help a lot.


damn this is some really good stuff.