Japanese vids translated into English

Okay so I have a friend from Japan called Keiji and I asked him to translate the chats before the fights from SBO’06 and 07 and we decided to sub the videos and put them on YouTube.
Hopefully, when he’s back from Japan there will be more interviews and stuff that will be translated and I will put all the videos on YouTube and post it here :slight_smile:

Hope you enjoy it!


Chat: Team Monkey House & Champion Road

Chat: Team The Masters & Vision


Chat: Team 404 Error & Kanagawa

Chat: Team Kokujin-san & Eternal Force Blizzard

Chat with Spellmaster J

Chat: Team Eternal Force Blizzard & 404 Error

Appareantly, I got the team name “Eternal Force Blizzard” wrong. I think it should be 4th Eternal Blizzard or Eternal 4th Blizzard. Oh well.

Hopefully the rest of the SBO’06 vids will be translated as soon as possible.

Hi ZeroRasmus, do you think you can do a whole SBO tournament from the Quarter Finals onwards with this subbing as 1 video?

Good stuff though, + rep :tup: