Japanese vs americans?

With the expected more japanesse players coming to america at evo. Does anyone think that we might see eye to eye in competive level as japanesse?

or will they rule the fight games forever?

japanese will always have an advantage because arcades and gaming is just a lot more mainstream there, they play more. I really wanna see how evo goes this year though

doesn’t matter if they are best at 3s, cvs2, etc.


Japanese have competition in fighters at home, Americans have competition in other genres. Until this changes they have an advantage. However once (and that means it will happen) fighters get a shot a main stream competition in America that could change.

Change happens over time, it’s not instant.

i will bet money on the best american halo players vs best japanese halo players, but i will never bet on them in street fighter.

but I do see some of our top players in the USA coming close to getting upsets. its not something to bet your money on without sweating a bit.

Marvel only? what a shame

Japan plays Halo? I doubt it. They don’t like shooters

not even the crap box, and 360

why does this question always pop up? seriously, especially coming from people that have paid moderate attention to the tourney scene in recent years.

bottom line, japanese will always dominate us except in tekken5 (dunno bout DR), and obviously mvc2.

i dont get it, its always obvious that the japanese will dominate, they always have, they always will. they have too many natural advantages. thats all there is to it. how many more threads do we need to see of this same topic where the answer has NEVER changed? i hope it changes. maybe it will this year, never know. but weve never truly come close overall for winning in the current games over japan

Because it has changed in other games. The euros took a warcraft 3 event from the koreans, that’s just not heard of. But if you look at where the european competitive community is, you begin to grasp it.

The only natural advantage in gaming is the level of your competitive community, which can be changed.

lol who fed you that line of shit

i think well be aight in cvs2 and marvel. and im sure cole will hold it down in ST he seems to always give the japanese a run for thier money. but as far as 3s goes i think japan has the edge by a larger margin. IMHO

After what happened at SBO4, I’m going with the Japanese.

lol Am I wrong?

ive seen japanese teams for CS. some of them play shooters mainly on the pc. but the halo scene is non existent yeah. the thing is, their fighting scene over there is 100x bigger than ours. but to say that they dont like shooters at all…its inaccurate actucally, and it might offend competive international CS players. i personally dont care for CS though.

thats why id bet all my bank money if they went aganist the US in halo. thats the trend that im pointing out here.

I’ve seen Japenese Halo Tourneys and they Suck…they play CS and GRAW!

This doesn’t mean much. The factors that go into a Street Fighter victory are simply too different from the factors that go into a WoW victory (like skill, for instance).

Street Fighter is going to be very hard to take away from the Japanese. They have a head start and they’re not about to let us catch up. We take Marvel, they edge us out in CvS2, and Third Strike is a foregone conclusion. Don’t count on the American scene ever coming back, let alone reaching the level that it’s at in Japan. It simply isn’t in the cards, due to the near-nonexistence of our arcade industry at this point.

What’s so special about mvc2 that allows us to beat the japanese?

I never said WOW, WC3 is NOT WOW, are you that dense. LOL

well its doable, ive seen vids of john choi doing pretty decent aganist the japs in ST and A3…now john chois prolly done with the scene but hes just a example of someone who can do it despite shortcomings in his own area. alex valle too, those ppl are innoative and thats what you need when u have shortcomings. justin wong did upset Raouh and almost upset Daigo not once but twice despite the super parry pwnage.

the only reason why we dont have a chance is cuz theyre not only sending in good players but their BEST specialists for each game…Gian for st:looney: Bas for cvs2(yes he can lose at evo, hes lost before) :looney: and daigo who is out of retirement but has a heavy resume. im sure ppl here are better at listing their roster, so you can get a idea on the challenge that our select few will face (justin wong? he plays 5 games…but dont count him out i guess).

The question ‘which country is better for fighting game players?’ the answer is obviously japan, it is common in the culture, access to the game and competition is limitless, and it’s just a much better enviroment for people who want to learn the game.

If the question is ‘which player will win evo?’, it’s different. The thing about Fighting Games is that they aren’t chess. Just knowing the game better isn’t going to get you the win all the time.