Japanese vs US Sticks - a short introduction

i’ve seen a ton of threads on this board, regarding the difference between American and Japanese sticks, and which ones they should buy.

well, i hope this can get stickied, so there will be no need for those “what kind of stick is best for me” threads.

American Sticks

Japanese Sticks

for those who are wondering “which one’s better, and which one should i buy?”, there is no definite answer to that question. some prefer American sticks, while others prefer Japanese sticks. your best option is to go down to your local arcade, play a few games on both sticks, and see which one is best for you. most arcades in the US carry american style sticks, so there shouldn’t be a problem there. Tekken 5 cabs carry Sanwa sticks, so don’t hesitate to try one out.

try both sticks out, and go for whichever one you’re most comfortable with.

me and most of my buddies prefer Sanwa sticks.

i can get in to the differences between Sanwa/Seimitsu/Fanta and so on… but i think ill leave that for another day.

After reading all this jap stick talk, I’ve never read anything about durablility. How long do sanwas and seimitsus actually last? Maybe someone who plays marvel hardcore and owns a sanwa\seimtsu can answer. Marvel is a fast paced game and probably will do more wear and tear than any other game.

Well, put it this way, my first LS-32-02 I bought was about 4-5 months ago. After treating it nicely trying to keep it in good condition I decided to just hammer the fucker to see how long it lasts and experience it first hand. Well, the stick’s still working now. In brand new condition Siemitsu sticks may have a couple of mm wobble in neutral, after all the hammering I put it through the wobble’s maybe increased by a couple of mm, but the response is still the same.

If anything I’d say the micro switches are more longer lasting than the springs, but that doesn’t mean they’re not durable. Japanese sticks will last you a long time, now matter how you use it. But just like everything else they don’t last forever so eventually they’ll have to be chaged. Imo you should be able to push a year or more depending on how much it gets used.

Also to add to the first post American sticks have a lot more bounce and wobble than Japanese sticks. Meaning when reqired to go to neutral, letting go of the stick may result in it randomly bouncing back into position. This is one are I favour Japanese over American because it allows me to play a lot more acurately.

Let me correct a few things there, bub :slight_smile:

American Sticks:

Japanese Sticks:

  • have ball tops that look like a big gumball, can be changed.
  • 4-way (square) / 8-way gates
  • shorter shaft, you must hold it differently than american sticks
  • feel like they are broken, compared to american sticks
  • looks like it was made by - www.fisherprice.com

Check your local Tekken 5 machine to see how bad they are.

Don’t the t5 cabs have namco sticks?

T5 cabs have some kind of poorly mounted japanese stick (shaft way too tall) and are not a good example.

“feel like they are broken, compared to american sticks”

not completely sure what you mean here. maybe you’ve actually used a broken jap stick, but I can’t make any statements otherwise. if you’re referring to the loose feel, that can be understandable, but if you were to start up playing on japanese sticks and then go to happ, you’d probably have the same feeling, it would at least feel much tighter and harder to use.

it’s ALL personal preference, arcades across the world have different parts, we’re just talking about 2, but i’m sure a weird stick you’d play on somewhere in europe might feel “broken” as well. of course there’s gonna be people who use those sticks everyday and would feel the same way about sanwa/happ.

i’d go for sanwa, but with most arcades in the US using happ (and almost every cabinet feels different for some reason), it’s still good to keep up practicing your execution and happ sticks. to me, japanese sticks have a much more straightforward feel, happ tends to have an inconsistent feel, because not only is the action a perfect circle, you can activate a hcb or a 360 motion without touching the edge of the stick’s motion, so it’s sometimes hard to get used to the exact directions. you’ve probably played on a happ stick in an arcade before and got hit with a low attack when you knew you were at down-back. shit is gay, that’s where japanese sticks win, you will NEVER miss a low block with a working jap stick

Just fyi, for fighting games, a jap stick or american stick will always be an 8 way. 8 way meaning 8 directions(up/down/left/right/upright/upleft/downright/downleft)

Gate refers to the shape of stick movement.

American stick = squre gate(competition) or circle gate(p360)
Japanese stick = squre gate(standard) or Octagon gate.

he’s just trying to troll an otherwise good thread.

and i heard the US T5 cab’s sticks are Sanwa JLF-TP-8y. the Japanese cabs have properly mounted SKs.

blahhh, you guys knew what i meant… :bgrin: edited first post.

i’m not sure exactly which model the T5 cabs have, but i know they’re Sanwa. a vendor at one of my local arcades opened one up, and they are Sanwa for sure.

erm, and if you guys have anything else to add, i’ll edit the first post.

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

t5 arc sticks are sanwa, they are just mounted too high iirc. its like putting a sanwa in a namco case, the shaft is just taller. sanwa sticks in hrap cases are ok only because they have that mounting bracket that cuts down on the length a little.

Actually, I’d just like to note that you can get a rounded restrictor plate for Sanwa JLFs, so if you don’t like square or octagonal, just get the rounded ones.

This thread is a great idea, but if you’re going to include Fantas in here as well as Crown or any other Korean stick, then this should be a general “Which arcade stick is better for you” thread.

I didn’t know happ made sticks square gates. is that just the competition sticks?

There is no circular restrictor for the JLF, at least none manufactured by Sanwa themselves. They do however make one for their JLW joystick.

Eh, simple mistake.

Just wondering, is there any “proper” way to hold a ball top?

Whatever works best for you.:wgrin:

Most people either cup it from underneath or hold it like a pen.

I hold Happ and Sanwa’s both from the top. I don’t do the under the ball stuff like other people do. I seem to do ok with just putting my index and middle finger around the ball.

There probably isnt a proper way to do anything. It’s personal prefernce really. I’ve seen tons of styles to know that they all work well. I play the same way on american sticks the same way I would on jap sticks. Which is pen style. You hold the ball top as if it were a pen. The majority from what ive seen at tournaments plays like this. Playing comfortable is the key. If its not comfortable dont try it. Dont try no weird ass abstract shit. Your going to complicate your moves.

if you dont like pen style try the open palm way. Your palm is facing at you and the shaft of the stick is between you fingers. I used to play marvel like this but then I started getting bruises between my fingers. I played like that on american sticks. I dont know if the jap sticks will bruise your fingers like that. You can also just grip the ball and the back of your hand facing at you.

My question is, what stick gives you the advantage over another?

Things to consider:

Execution speed, Accurate, Effort and the Pros and Cons of American Vs. Japanese sticks.