Japanese "X-Men:Children of the Atom" Promo Video (1994)


Pretty straightforward, but if you look carefully there’s some differences from the final version (this is most likely a near-completed build) like Cyclops being able to spam Super Optic Blasts with like what, 5% of his Super Bar full and him yelling out “Gene Splice” while shooting the Mega Optic Blast.

XD @ the Engrish at the beginning and end of the clip.

sigh, hard to believe that this is where it all started. Capcom was literally on the money releasing this one while the '90’s cartoon series was at its peak popularity, AND using its voice actors to boot. CoTA and MSH WERE Capcom’s coin-p money-makers in the interval between the release of Super Turbo (which didn’t do all that well) and Alpha 2 (which reignited interest in the SF community again).

Ironic how fluidly animated some of the characters are in CotA & MSH, like Cyclops, Sentinel, Omega Red, Captain America and whatnot, and how watered-down they animate in MvC2, though nobody but me notices stuff like that so…


at 3 minutes 40 seconds… Spiral is doing some weird X-Power thing, that ain’t in the final version we all know and love from the Arcades/Saturn, is it??

The animation was butchered in later games, and it was very noticeable, I believe.

Not sure why. I assume it’s got to do with engine limitations (see: 2 Sentinels + assists) or perhaps standardising the animation of all the sprites (like new characters or characters that didn’t have as many animation frames as other characters).

This game probably took up about half of my Saturn play. SFA2, VF2 and Fighters Megamix took up the rest. Man…nothing like the good old days when I was 12 years old and played fighting games at the house with my bro cuz I wasn’t old enough to drive my ass to the arcades all the time. Xmen COTA was such an awesome game for its time. From what I hear the Saturn version is a way better port than the PS1 version so I’m glad I never picked up a PS until Tekken 3 came out. For 2d fighting games there was no real reason to.

Everything from the music to the controls to the way the sprites animated and everything…this was such a good game. It was so flashy but never got crazy stupid like Marvel always does. It still had kind of a Super Turbo ish feel to it which I liked. Psylocke being really good in this game also helped my interest. I still listen to Omega Red’s theme all the time. Such a good song. Someone should remix that shit. This also came out back when I was a huge fan of the Xmen (and Power Rangers LOL). Now I don’t care much for Marvel in general. Especially with all the damn rehash movies coming out.

Yup. In later Marvel games, Capcom was stretching CPSII to its limit (MvC1 went over the limit at times - see how the system sputters and breaks with DWM vs. DWM). I guess they did the same with MvC2, which the Naomi had to account for 6 characters in memory at once plus a bunch of effects. I guess something had to give.

COTA is perhaps Capcom’s most inventive game since the original WW. And like the original WW, it was incredibly rough and unrefined. It would take MSH to refine COTA into pure goodness. MSH is one of the top 5 fighters Capcom’s ever made, and one of the best fighters, period. COTA is really just a novelty at this point, to LOL at all the infinites and how broken Sentinel and Wolverine were.

…is broken. Cartwheel into back elbow was just too good. And, double kick spat on anything Buzz or Kato could do.

One of my fondest arcade memories was seeing X-MEN:COTA for the first time, and being blown away by the visuals. Like crack in game from, until then no other 2D fighter had that level of animation.

I’ll never forget Magneto’s intro. Best fucking intro to ever hit fighting games.

It’s just her invisibility power up. If you have the 941208 Japan Rent version in an emulator, the little spheres are still in it.

The Vs. series animation cuts began as early as Marvel Super Heroes Vs. Street Fighter, which is where all of the sprites of the characters in that game were taken from for CvS2. Some characters unseen since CotA and MSH, like Psylocke (jiggle jiggle, damn that body is tight) and Spiral, appear to have suffered no animation cuts at all in MvC2, while others, such as Sentinel & Colossus, did get the hatchet. Meh, I think Capcom was just being lazy with the copy/pasting for MvC2, and their Naomi-developed fighters overall.

But yeah, by about the time of Marvel Vs. Street Fighter and Vampire Savior (in 1997), CPS2 had reached its absolute max. Look at all of the palette-swapping in MSHvSF and MvC1, and the missing characters and backgrounds in SFA3 that had to be added on in the console ports. I don’t think that it (CPS2) was as expandable as its rival, the Neo-Geo.

Hardware-intensive 2D fighting games. Serious business. Even brought the still-mighty NAOMI to its knees at times in MvC2.

Oh, and for whoever mentioned the PS1 port of CotA…you shouldn’t have even brought it up. I actually owned that turd (got it in January 1999, to quench my thirst until the release of the gimped PS1 port of MSHvSF which was released a month or so later) and, while I was impressed that the developers attempted (and virtually did) to shoehorn ALL of the original coin-op’s animation into the 2D-retarded PS1, it rendered the game almost completely unplayable. Far and beyond the slowest and most sluggish console port of a Capcom fighting game, and it wasn’t even done by Capcom themselves (it was done by Probe of Genesis/32X/Saturn MK2 fame).

The Saturn port also appeared to have impressively retained most of the coin-op’s animation, yet moves smoother than the PS1 version yet not as smooth as the coin-op. I read that it was ported by Rutubo Games, an obscure yet awesome Japanese developer that hammered out some great, accurate arcade ports back in the '90’s such as “Space Harrier” and “After Burner” for the Sega 32X and “The King of Fighters '95” for Saturn. For those of you who owned/played it, what was the Saturn port like compared to the arcade. I already know that MSH was arguably the worst CPS2-to-Saturn port (RAM cart mode almost reaches PS1 Vs. series/CotA slowdown levels).

I’m so glad you posted this. It really shows how beautiful this game was and still is.

This brings back so many great memories, This is the game that hipped me to spiral. And really what got me into fighters “hardcore” I remember going to circle k’s and arcades and spending mad amount of money on the machine. Besting on people just spamming projectiles.

And the animation was up there if not better than 3s imo. The game was beautiful, its the game that started it all. This is My WW:lovin:

Don’t forget to mention the ABSURD amount of detail in the backgrounds, and what works of art they were. You can tell that Capcom put their blood, sweat and tears into this, unlike their post-CPS2 work. Like SNK after what, KoF '96, Capcom became lazy with their sprites.

The “Darkstalkers” series, CotA, MSH, XMvSF and the SF3 series were all Capcom’s most visually impressive 2D fighting games IMO.