Japan's 3v3 Nationals - featured Gouki players

I saw this linked on the front page:


And naturally wanted to see who was playing Gouki. Those I want to see (Momochi, K66, Tokido, Eita) are noticeably absent, however the following teams have Gouki players:

Saiyakuruto C (Disaster Route C, I think)
Chuu (RU)
France Jin (GU)
Tsukimiya Kiryuu (AK)

Shibusupo (Short for Shibuya Sportsland)
Kikanbou max (AK)
Chometarou (BA)
Shungoku Noiroze (DI)

Neko Panchi (Kitty Punch)
Nyanshi (RY)
Misse (AK)
Nova (SG)

Lever Ire Dai Panchi (Move the joystick and Fierce Punch!)
Zenshin Usukin Tassei (AB)
Kedora (RU)

Gojo Shichisei
Tokaga (RY)
Ichi (KE)
Fujino (AK)

Gotsu (AK)
Toyo (BA)
Takaki (BL)

Hoshi ni Negai Wo
Kamimura (AK)
Fujiwara (RY)
Papachiwawa (VI)

Zantei (Temporary)
Gashuku (VI)
Takeuchi (RY)
Kanbara (AK)

Ryu (AK)
Tsuika (RU)

So we have Fujino and Misse as far as recognised names go and several others who (to me) are largely unknowns. I think I have seen Ryu play a couple matches before. This could be interesting. Nationals implies some pretty high level play so perhaps we’ll see some new stuff or perhaps see a showcasing of Gouki that raises some eyebrows.

Its a shame Momochi isn’t playing but oh well. This should be a pretty cool show and I’m hoping we see some match video on YouTube soon.


http://www.toaru.org/~cab/ (?) Homepage for this tournament I believe.

The Japan nationals as far as I can tell works like this

Players that have over a certain BP, for example Mago and Daigo, don’t have to participate in the prelims that are going on all around Japan right now. If you win a prelim you are entered into the final tournament.
This is why some of the more notable players don’t seem to be listed.

I’m hoping to play in the Nagoya prelim on feb 13. Ill let you know how I do!

Nice, keep us posted mate.

Gouki user I presume? :smiley:

Mago/Tokido/Akimo team won a qualifier already:

And Shiro/Kyabetsu/Ojisan Boy won the first one. So obviously BP doesn’t factor into anything, since Mago is the top BP earner and he had to qualify, and Ojisan/Tokido/Akimo are up there too.


Yeah, I`m a gouki player. Check out my vids and let me know where I can improve.


Sorry for the bad info, I was going off what a friend told me and what I had seen at the Tokyo qualifier. Daigo and friends were just kinda chilling out not really doing much so I just assumed
they were already in based on being voted in. My bad.