Jared thinks 21 year old college girls are cougars

and 16 year olds are hot. “Hey girl, wanna check out my $5 foot long?”

Only $100?

I guess kids do eat for half.

how else is he gonna get any? look at his face. look at that awful fuckin face.

wtf eating subway never got me teenage pussy i demand a refund

I bet someone at Subway HQ is SO glad they don’t have a kids menu.

But they do…

Jared certainly had one…

The Internet doesn’t have this anymore

& says that Subway Black card is only $850.00



Better keep him away from this side of the room, schools completely

WTF does this need its own thread? It’s old and already been posted every fucking where. I could use a meatball sub though.

Pretty sure we have a thread for this already.

That’s what she said.

Relax, it’s a joke, and no there isn’t an existing thread. The article is new but if it’s so annoying and bothers you so much, did you want it deleted? We can make it happen.

I guess if your gonna eat, then eat fresh

Maybe that’s how he lost all his weight? You see that ripe looking pussy, you gonna pound that shit hard.

16 year old chicks are hot, dafuq is the matter with this guy? wouldnt say 21 year old bitches be cougars though, thats just silly despite by that age white bitches taken more footlongs than even Jared.

Subway always been trash now this confirms it

By Kromo and Tekno standards, 16 year olds are like geriatrics.

He was just following the company motto…

“Eat Fresh!”

I’m glad @Million has so many fall guys so his posts about his never ending deviant activities may go on.