Jasenscustoms inspired DIY cabinet


Picked up an Astro City replica CP from Jasenscustoms. This thing is awesome, inspired me to build a case to hold this thing. I thought, why stop there.


I plan on putting a Naomi with the Netboot loader in there. I know its blasphemy, but I will mount a playstation LED TV for my display. Colors will be gray, black and carbon fiber. Cost me about $100 in materials and maybe 10 hours thus far total. Will put frosted acrylic in the center hole and LED back light it. Also planning on putting in a coin door. It kinda looks like a Naomi Universal, think I can get away with NU side graphics?

Anyway, just thought I would share. Thanks @"Jasen Hicks"‌ for the inspiration!


Wow that is awesome! I wish I had the skills to do something like that.


Noice. Good work! :wink:


Very nice!


Lucky you!


What about dat lag? Looks good though.


Loving the Raiden Fighters instruction art. What did you use for the buttons?


The main CP will be an Astro panel with astro art. It will use 2 Ultimarc Ultrastiks modded with circle gates. The buttons are Ultimarc gold leaf concave buttons. I also have a Lindbergh CP that will be Rollie flash JLFs with 2lb springs. I think I might go with a DC Vertigo Sandman theme since my controls will be Jasen’s Morpheus board.


What lag?


Awesome! I’m along for the ride now!


You magnificent mad man !
Nice minimalist design !
Keep us posted !


@Chananigans I posted a separate thread about this but thought I might ask you since you are going through a similar process to me right now. I mainly started building my 2 player cab to run MAME for old arcade games. However with the steam summer sale happening right now I got excited and started looking for steam games I could play on it. Unfortunately it seems that most steam games require a separate usb controller/keyboard plugged in for each player. Even Skullgirls requires a separate controller plugged in.

Have you done another 2 player build before this current one? Are you planning on just running mame or other games also? I am trying to see if anyone has found a work around to have some of the keyboard strokes from the IPAC2 to be emulated as a separate usb controller or something.

Good luck with the build I am hoping to see some updates soon.


@Chananigans‌ any updates? looking good so far…


I do have updates, but with summer camp starting for my oldest, I havent had time to update, will post some pics tonight.

@sinfolmatt‌ I am using separate inputs already, my PC control panel is two distinct PCBs. I’ll post pics soon.


No progress on the cab, but I finished the surround for the Lindbergh-Astro.


Notice the little motherboard? That’s an Nvidia Jetson SOC. Will be powering the MAME side of things.

3/4 close:

3/4 far:

And this will be housing the Nvidia Jetson:

Yup, white Atari Jaguar case. All of the mistakes Atari made WRT the Jag, the case design was not one of them.

The Lindbergh-Lindbergh is almost done, but I ran out of CF wrap. Bunch more on the way


Almost forgot the coolest part:

The two metal strips across the controller shelf attach to:

The feet are strong magnets, capable of holding up 15lbs each. It hugs the CP really tightly. But is switchable.


Good stuffs… Keep posting your progress!


Have you tested out the nvidia tk1yet?