Jason cole in seattle wed 9pm, at julien's

Jason Cole is in seattle, and he wants to do a ST session. He is available either thursday or wed. I can host one at my house either tomorrow night or thursday night.

Which one works best for people? And who is interested in showing up?

Will here be here to stay? I’ll say Thursday as Mandel doesnt work Wednesday and we can carpool together Thursday after work.

I could probably make it on Thursday

Either day could work for me really, but I would prefer Thursday as I’ll have stuff to do tomorrow.

I’d like to attend. Either weekday/weeknight works for me, as usual. Since I’m a bum.

Ok, I just talked to Jason and his flight is leaving Thur at 5pm. So thurs won’t work.

We’ll be meeting at my house at 8pm, this wed (tomorrow). Please note that he is here for a job interview, so it’s possible that if the company he is interviewing with wants to take him out for drinks or something, the event may not happen.

But unless something like that happens, we are on for 8pm at my house.

Nelson should have come, because that motherfucker is hilarious. I will be there tomorrow unless something comes up.

Thanks for setting this up Z-assmaster.

Okay, count me in.


I as well. What gear needs to be brought? DC? Sticks? TV(s)?

I have a DC from Jamie, but no sticks or game. The only TV I have is the HD, which may lag.

Quick! Emergency ST session; we have an out of towner!

That’s tight you guys can just do that for somebody. I can’t come unless you guys are playing after 10, so I’ll give somebody a call around then.

I can bring a copy of TDC. I only have a single Jap style stick, which might be a problem. However, I’ve been told that Pablo has been hording a fleet of HRAPs, which he had tacitly promised to Blake and myself in exchange for moving his cab last month. If Nate is cool with it, I can try to haul his TV over. But if someone has a small TV and is in better physical shape, perhaps they should take up the responsibility of bringing a TV.

Yes please bring the TV. I will bring my DC and TDC as well :smiley:

I can bring a TV as well. No worries on being SOL on the equipment end.

Keith, if you will be present, I can bring over that TV which Zach and his father were kind enough to donate to the low budget gamer cause.

please bring sticks if you have them! Ideally we can have 3 setups including cabinet.

Dann, it’s not just for an out of towner. For you we would bring 6 cabinets, the sonics cheerleading team, and 18 gallons of ice cream. You have but to say the word and it is done.

Won’t be making it. I’d just get shown up and embarrassed out of playing Dhalsim anyway. :wgrin:

I’ll be there. I’ll leave the TV hauling to you and Kuenai. I’ll bring a DC, and the T5 stick, along with 1.5 converters. After wards, I’ll take that TV home with me. Provided that it can fit in my car. Cole is technologically inclined, so I hear. So it’ll probably be a really stinky apartment.

Nate, if you’re definitely gonna show up, AND if you’re already comfortable with your new PS2, could you please bring my PS2 tomorrow and return it to me? If you still have use for it, you can hang on to it. If not, I’d like to get it back just so that I don’t forget about it. My memory ain’t what it used to be.

Word. WORD!!! I want to money match Blake in an ice cream eating contest.