Jav1ts tricks for Balrog in Super SF4



I made a thread like this already before for 10 essential rog tricks in Vanilla SF4, all of those rog tricks all still work so I don’t feel like posting them again. Here’s the link to them

Jav1ts and other’s TOP SECRET ROG TRICKS :slight_smile:

Anyway, in Super, balrog didnt really change but since everyone else did I figure i’d share my new tricks. I’ll update this thread as I get more new tricks

  1. How to punish Fuerte’s Ultra 2 “Ultra Spark”. Fuerte’s U2 has 3 frame start-up so no meaty normals are safe (not even cr. jab). you cannot ultra his u2 either from upclose because he goes so low that rog’s ultra whiffs and gets grabbed. the way to punish it is hold up-back during the activation so that u jump back and store back charge. Fuerte’s u2 will slide under rog as he’s landing. then do auto-correct ultra motion (b,f,b,f,B+PPP (or KKK) and balrog will auto correct ultra when he lands. If you don’t have ultra( or super) if you’re midscreen and fuerte activates his U2, hold up. Again, fuerte will slide under rog. This time, as you are landing with rog, jump towards him and hit him with early jump RH for a full jump-in combo. If you are in the corner, instead of holding up, hold up-forward then repeat the same steps as before for the full jump-in combo.

Rog’s cr. RH is -6 on block but is not punishable on block by fuerte’s u2 (3frame startup) because it pushes him out too far.

  • if rog is in the corner and fuerte activates u2 right next to him, as rog hold up back and press RH before you land, the jump RH will actually crossup haha. it looks sick

  1. New things you can punish with Ultra 1 frame faster trick
  • Dudley’s EX Machine Gun Blow (credit for this discovery goes to DS)
  • All strengths of Juri’s pinwheel kicks except short

  1. Hold u/f after crouch blocking Guy’s EX bushin senpu kyaku (the spin kick) for a full jump in combo. (other low jumping characters like sagat and honda also can do this)

  1. Hold u/f after blocking Sagat’s fierce tiger uppercut for a full jump in combo punish. The max damage you can get for one meter is Jump fierce, close roundhouse, low strong, EX rush upper, low jab, low strong, Fierce Headbutt

  1. Hold up after blocking Ryu’s fierce DP then immediately charge Back during the NEUTRAL jump to get a full jump punish. while coming down (and charging back) from the neutral jump, come down with fierce then do, close standing forward(MK), EX rush upper, low jab, low strong, fierce Headbutt

  1. Option Select -vs- Bison: After any knockdown store a level 1 TAP then do jump in fierce / release TAP. If bison blocks, the TAP will not come out, if bison teleports, he gets hit by the TAP, if he wakes up with EX scissor kick balrog avoids it completely and hits bison, if bison wakes up with EX psycho crusher they go right thru each other (makes bison waster meter), if he wakes up with any EX headstomp or devil reverse balrog TAPs away to safety, if bison wakes up with super or any ultra, balrog will still be in the air during the activation and the TAP wont come out. Bison can backdash but they usually wont do that and if they do u can just start OS sweeping them.

  1. Safe Jump setup vs Sagat, fei long, blanka, chunli, dhalsim and many more characters. Super , dash three times, neutral jump fierce. Very easy. Vs sagat you can go right into instead overhead neutral jump fierce or jump back fierce. I’m trying to find an even easier meterless version of this safe jump. You guys should help me :slight_smile: Anyway here’s the video:


  1. Safe jump setup after ultra. It works vs fei long , even guile’s flash kick…
    still working on some more safe jump setups


  1. Safe jump setup after backthrow + character specific option selects and punishes
    Safe Jump // backthrow >> dash >> jump in RH or fierce

Option Selects //
vs sagat .
backthrow, dash immediately, jump in fierce low to the ground ~ (holding down-back)delayed sweep ~ jump back fierce. If sagat backdashes, he gets swept by the delayed sweep. If Sagat does reversal tiger uppercut, it’s a safe jump so balrog can block and the delay on the sweep is enough for the tiger uppercut to connect before the sweep starts up. If sagat blocks the jump in fierce then tries to block low (as most people do after they block a jump-in), sagat will not able to crouch the jump back fierce. It’s a fuzzy guard glitch. Sagat can block high twice then punish with whatever he wants or he can block the jump in fierce and do a reversal tiger uppercut after. Sagat also can reversal super.


vs Rose
after back throw safe jump, OS with close fierce (HP). If she does EX Soul Spiral the close fierce beats it clean. If she backdashes on wakeup, the close fierce (not far fierce) also hits her backdash. It’s safe from her Ultra 1 and super. It safely whiffs on her EX soul throw. Gets hit by her u2
** you can empty jump vs her U2 though.

vs Chun-Li
after backthrow safe jump, OS with delayed sweep for the knockdown (or delayed st. RH if you’re going for more damage/stun). If she backdashes she will get hit by the sweep. If she wakes up with EX SBK, balrog will block and can punish with crouching strong (MP) into any combo he wants, or he can just punish with reversal ultra or super. If chun wakes up with EX HazanShu, balrog whiffs safely. Chun can hit balrog out of this safe jump with reversal wake up super but it only does 2 hits because it hits rog in the air.

vs Viper
after backthrow safejump, OS with delayed close fierce (or close RH or crouching RH). This is safe from all her wakeup options. If she does EX seismo feint , she can grab the delayed close RH and crouching RH but not the close fierce.

** if you don’t delay the close fierce OS it beats her EX seismo feint but then loses to her other wakeup options.

vs. Cammy
— same as Chun-Li –
punish her blocked cannon spike with full ultra (or rush punch into super), or an EX rush combo.
Loses to her Ultra 2.

Vs Blanka and Gen

  • must safe jump with jump in RH not jump in Fierce because the fierce whiffs.
    ** Loses to Gen’s Crane stance super.

Vs. Honda

after safe jump after backthrow, no option selects are good because they whiff or lose to EX headbutt.
Punish blocked sumo headbutt (all versions including EX) with reversal super activated with a kick button (not holding kick buttons, just active super with a kick button and let straights come out). If you safe jump Honda while he’s in the corner you can punish blocked sumo headbutts with reversal ultra holding kicks or cr. strong into whatever you want (EX rush upper combo, or headbutt, etc.). if he wakes up with EX Sumo Splash you can punish the 2nd hit with close st. short, cr. strong, close standing fierce, or a very delayed auto correct ultra/super. You can also block then mash on the forward direction for an auto correct backdash.

  1. New way to combo into headbutt on crouching blanka. 370 Damage
    cr. LK lowers Blanka’s hitbox making the fierce dash straight hit late. Normally Fierce dash straight is -1 on hit. This makes it +3 (hitting 4 frames later than usual). You can also use EX dash straight to make it go from +2 on hit to +6 on hit. The spacing on this combo is very strict so practice it. you have to jump in with fierce because jump RH pushes blanka out too far slightly…



Cool Jav1ts :tup:


This strat also works vs. alot of other ultras in the game too. Such as Vega’s U2, Elf’s U1 and U2. M. Bison’s U2 can be tricky at times cause a few times I’ve tried this I’ve gotten hit out of the air with it it seems. Empty jump seems to work the best.


Thanks a lot for bringing this up again. Hope we’ll find some more tricks soon. I was really impressed with your 10 tricks back when you posted those!


Thank you, Jav1tssss


yeah those tips are pretty cool, didnt know alot of that stuff but im new to the game so the more info the better


Good shit javits.


Damn why didnt i think of that?! Good shit! cant wait to try it out.


javits is the man.


No El Fuerte should ever activate U1 or U2 unless they are guaranteeing it via a punish.

This only works if they activate it and you haven’t pressed anything? Why would anyone do that?


You can punish LK pinwheel on block if you crouch block it and do the frame trick. It’s one frame though I believe, it must be a reversal Ultra. This works because if you crouch block the last part of her pinwheel whiffs, so you are recovering whilst she’s still mid-move.


I can understand your point saying that no El Fuerte should ever activate their U1 or U2 unless they know it will connect. The thing about his U2 is that it is 3 frame startup so you cannot safely do a meaty attack on fuerte if he has this ultra. It is just too risky because a reversal U2 can mean rog losing 500 hp. I’ve seen El Fuerte players just waking up with reversal U2 and connecting and because he goes very low to the ground while he is sliding towards you, I can see rog players not knowing the most effective way to punish this. It’s not that I think that El Fuerte players are all dumb enough to just do wake up U2’s but in the event that they do and as the rog player you KNOW you didn’t press a button, you now have the knowledge of the most damaging punish :slight_smile: I’m pretty sure many El Fuerte players will still do wake up U2 and many will go unpunished. My aim is just to minimize that occurrence with a good enough reason for them not to do it. Once that fear is established, balrog players will be able to do meaties against Fuerte again :slight_smile:


Ah Javits… you definitely don’t have a Fuerte like Dawgtanian in NY :slight_smile: I option select on wake up so if you hit me my ultra comes out, and if you don’t then it doesn’t activate. Im gonna make a video about it soon, I don’t mind telling everyone as its inevitable, you will get hit by my ultra if you know about my option select or not :wink:

Shame I cant afford evo :slight_smile:


Are you the same ‘dawgtanian’ that was in NY before?


I have to agree with this, the OS Ultra is terrifying, it just makes you give Fuerte almost free wake up =/. The ONLY good thing is that OS Ultra loses to throw. Of course, just using Ultra does not, so it’s still worrying.


@MagnetoManiac - There’s only one Dawgtanian ;).


Actually my new OS techs throw as well :slight_smile:

Yeah I’m the same guy who came to NY in Jan this year :slight_smile:


Okay now I’m curious, I NEED to see this OS.


Seriously? Does it involve starting EX run with MP, LP and LK at the same time, leading to a teched throw? In fact, would that even work?


Let’s not derail this thread please. For El Fuerte’s option select discussion check out dawgtanian’s option select thread in the El Fuerte character discussion thread


Sure thing Javits - can you change the Juri senpusha (pinwheel) punish to ALL versions with Ultra/Super (Ultra with frame trick) if you crouch block it? I’ve re-tested to confirm and LK is punishable.