Jawn K wants your money for a new cartoon


Apparently, Jawn K is making a new cartoon. He pitched it to a couple of networks, but no one would take it since most people think he’s an idiot.

he has a kickstarter (lmao), and wants donations to fund his “new” cartoon. currently has $17,000.


You forgot to put a link, Mrs. Angelpalm. I have no idea who this Jawn K is.


If I’m gonna donate money for a cartoon being kickstarted it’s gonna be to bring back an old school cartoon, voice actors and all. So, COPS, 2 Stupid Dogs, aaaaaaaaaand Swat Kats. When somebody wants to Edo Tensei those for a couple dollars, I’ll be there.


I would Edo Tensei Swat Kats.

Unless Jawn can get us a clip of his new cartoon that shows why it’s worth watching, I’m going to have to assume that he’s a scrub with a shitty cartoon and that the networks made the correct choice in turning him down.


Jawn K?

I hope he means John K. The guy who brought us Ren and Stimpy.


If John K pitched Ren & Stimpy today instead of back then, exactly as it was, nobody would accept it.


Adult Swim would…if you can keep your show at 15 min and do it for like 100K an ep, you can have a show on Adult Swin…


That’s just the thing. Ren & Stimpy is not an Adult Swim cartoon. The drawings are too idiosyncratic. AS cartoons tend to rely on a formula of a handful of stock animations + some others, and that style is anathema to R&S.