Jax Ggxx Tourny...2/8/03 Damn You Sol!


Yay!!! the first ever ggxx tourny in Jacksonville Florida went great. Even though most of the players were from UNF (University of North Florida) it went really good. Sorry to those who didnt get the news about the tourny i will post it next time in the events section. (Or maybe a Jacksonville thread i can post it in) BTW congrats to the winner J.D and it was his birthday (Big 19). (But really go to hell since you used cheapo SOL skillz or is it that most of us suck) We had whooping 18 people enter. All money goes to the winner. (DAMN HIS SOL!!!) (BTW if people are wondering this tourny was held at my house. pm for directions if you plan on going)

Next time hopefully the tourny will be bigger (this is a monthly tourny), and JD will give up sol…lol probably not. But please excuse the mistake of the brackets which there are proabbly done I had no idea what to do with the bye-s) BUt i treid my best.

***1st J.D “xBlackheartx” Sol/Milia
***2nd Rob “Random Pink Ninja” Bridget
***3rd Kenneth “KWALLER” Eddy/Bridget
Tied 4th
***Lauren “TnA4lif” Eddy/Fuast:eek:/Bridget
***Ryan “Midnight” Jam/I-no/Potemkin
Tied 6th
***Enrique “Cute Bishoden” Johnny/Sol
***Rich “DrStrangeLove” Random Peeps
Tied 8th
(4 people will get back to this)
Tied 12th
(4 people will get back to this)

—JD’s Birthday and him winning.
—In the finals JD put the 1-hit kill on Rob’s Bridget in the finals
—Lauren with the most 1 hit kills with FUAST(4 1 hit kills)!!! go paper-bag guy.
—Also Lauren flashing Rob in order to distract him, it didnt work. (cuase Rob is gay :lol: j/k “RPN”)
—Man my Eddy getting a perfect on Jason.
—Ryans Potemkin was tight even though he didnt do that great.
—Too many Bridget players this time. (Whats up with that?)
—Enrique saying Bridget was hot then he found out Bridget was a “he”…damn we thought he was gay before but now we know hes gay.

BTW I know there is some type of tourny comin this Sat. At gainsville, if you guys have GGXX count us in (4 more peeps) If not thats cool.


Thank god you posted cuase i didnt want to post the results. The tourny was mad tight…tell me next time you guys are gonna play ggxx i’ll be glad to take ya’lls money.

BTW welcome to srk KWALLER

Props to Rob/“Random Pink Faggot I mean ninja” you own me Counterstrike though. Luaren’s Fuast was ugly and mean the 1 hit kills were just wrong (im glad i didnt face her lol).

I still say you should play mvc2/cvs2 but i nkow you guys/gals dont like capcom games.

BTW there was a lot a Bridget players…is hse top tier or something…SOL 4 LIFE!!!

Ryan needs to teach me how to play Potenkin (WTF is up with his 1 hit kill thing???)

and Kenneth’s Perfect with Eddy was pimp tight…

can’t wait or the next one…peace


lol JD next time you wont win My Testament will ownz you…i hope:(

Hope more people from jax can go to the next one…Sometime in march…


What the hell…i play GGX ill give GGXX a try damn no one tells me shit about these tournys.