Jay-Z x Final Fantasy 7 mashup "The Black Materia"

What’s up SRK, just wanted to let you guys know that I released a new tape called “The Black Materia”. It’s a mash up of Jay-Z’s The Black Album and some tracks from FF7. If you’ve listened to some of the older projects I posted on SRK you will enjoy this. Thanks for listening!


this is really well done but Black Album mashups are done to death.

Hey man, I’m not a fan of Jay-Z or Final Fantasy but I really liked your nashinobi. I got it when you posted it last year. Don’t remember saying it before, but it’s really dope.

Thanks man, I really appreciate it! I actually re-did most of those tracks and put the new version up on the site if you want to check it out.

I love when you drop these!

I’d definitely like this more if it just wasn’t Jay-Z… I mean seriously, fuck that camel-faced ass nigga…

EDIT: Any way to cut the acapella off and leave just the beat?..

Tracks #7, #11, #14 are CRAZY, but I don’t like Jay-Z on #11.

Actually, I don’t like Jay-Z. lol.

Yeah yo throw out an Instrumental version. Id jam to it because the beats themselves are pretty legit.

Needs still more fighting.

I’m so stoked to hear this. I still listen to Until the End of Time constantly. I showed it to a bunch of my friends and they bump it as well.

Props. I needed this since I’ve played the hell out of Vinyl Fantasy 7.

your work is niiiice man. looking forward to more! thank you.

…I guess it’s okay if you like Jay-Z. Personally, I prefer Megaran’s Black Materia album.

I’m going to have to download that right now. Thanks for the heads up.

I’m digging this album, Palm

hi palm i download everything you post on here

Yo I swear man I was going to pm you to see if you had something new coming soon. And here it is.