Jayce the Ace C.Viper Tutorial's



Hello SRK,

I don’t know if anyone really knows me here, but Im just a Viper player and I created some tutorials for C.Viper! So if you guys want to learn C.Viper, check out my guides!

Viper Guides

  1. C.Viper Advanced Handbook
    Covers executional things that are important to learn as a Viper player.

I will continue to update this thread as I get more and more tutorials/guides up!


Awesome stuff man, hope to see more things from you.


You inspired me to learn Viper, glad to know you’re doing this.


Really terrific tutorial can’t wait for more.


Can’t wait to see match up stuff.


Hi Jayce,

Just need a few tips on the low trajectory cross up burn kick you do after the crouching forward TK cancel mixup for example.

I can inconsistently get it to score on a crouching or free standing opponent by pressing df (toward the opponent) d, db, uf and hitting forward or RH late (while she’s in the air). But doing it after the low forward, or linking it from any cancellable normal just doesn’t happen. Also, when I use this motion, although it scores, it seems pretty slow, after seeing some high level viper play, the x up low trajectory burn kicks look instant! Is there a better way to do this?

One more thing…

How the hell do you cancel strong or fierce TK without cancelling from a normal? Strong TK is difficult to say the least but fierce TK is impossible! Any tips?



Just be quick. Do it like plinking. qcb > Fierce and plink jab and strong.


Will try, what about x up burn kick though? I think new viper players like myself need the hand motions/notation/tutorials really broken down. It’s one thing reading instructions and looking at the character action on screen but it’s totally another seeing the motions and button presses up close. Obviously the lions share of anyone’s progression is a lot of practice. For example linking her cancellable normals into ultra; I think seeing how the actual joystick motions and button presses are executed helps a tonne! Good work tho Jayce no doubt!


do you mean non sjc crossup bk? If you do tk bk like me ( :d: :db: :b: :uf: KICK) then all you have to do is hold forward before you do this motion to not get the superjump. So if you dont want to walk remember to buffer forward during a move before it.


by xup burn kick I mean f, df, d, db, uf slight pause forward or RH. For me this crosses up without sjcancelling, I just find it hard to cancel a normal into this move like crounching forward for instance


Is this hosted elsewhere? Or is it gone for good?


The video are still on his youtube channel.