Jayo vs Balanar FT 10 600$

Jayo vs Balanar first to ten, We are the top 2 players at TILT in west covina! but whos the best?. Gonna be epic. Sidebets time

Ok, so far it’s 0$ for me, anyone wanna sponsor balanar for the same amount. Bet it.

…Who the fuck are either of you?

OK, tantin puts $75 on balanar.

What games are ya playing?

Tantin didnt even bet lol…NEG TIME


no fuckin shit


whats the point of neggin me? i didnt do anything wrong…i was joking man.i was laughing along side this topic… Deus thats some ol bullshit man

All bets Canceled!!! Sorry to all, balanar will not be attending because the Magic the gathering Regionals falls on the same week. Sorry again.

Then chase him down and money match him in mtg.


thats the sound of the joke going over everyone’s head

Hey now, boy. That’s Bil Wellman, and you don’t talk to Bill Wellman like that. He plays Marvel.