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I played a CP match the other night - it was pretty late, I’d been playing for a while - when I literally surprised myself with a couple of moves I’m not totally sure I knew. I’m talking instinctive, twitch-reaction defensive moves, reacting in tiny fractions of a second to new information and coming up immediately with the right response.

Nothing new there, really, I know - in a way that’s what the entire game is about. But surprising myself in that way got me thinking. SF4 is all about decisions: making the right one, forcing your opponent to make the wrong one, cutting off their options, painting them into a corner… Anyway, I realised that my decision making in the game is massively improved by the assistance of, erm, let’s say, the ‘green goddess’. Indica, sativa, da funk, chronic, whatever you want to call it. It’s a performance enhancer. In the SF4 Olympics it would be banned (although afterwards it would come out that the biggest medal winner had actually…nah, too easy…)

With so little time to make so many instant decisions, a heated bout doesn’t leave any time to really think. You may have a general plan for dealing with the matchup, you may bear in mind there are moves you shouldn’t make, you may have a gameplan to force them into the corner or catch them on wakeup, but you don’t really have time to actually think.

And this is where a fattie boombattie is your friend. Like Bruce Lee said, ‘don’t think, feeeeel’. A little disassociation brought about by a gentle smoke can really help my mind relax into the rhythm of instant decisions. Stone cold sober the CP mode can be a little intimidating, the constantly changing matchups and varying player skills can sometimes seem too much to keep track of. But with a smoke the decisions get made without first having to be processed. Hence you end up surprising yourself by employing a tactic you didn’t even know you knew.

Which brings me - very longwindedly - to my actual point. SF4 is JAZZ.

You’ve got your instrument, which is your character, and it’s shackled to a set of rules and moves - just like any musical instrument is restricted in what sound it can make and what notes it can play. A SF4 fight is constant improvisation. Your opponent makes a move, you react, he reacts. You don’t really know what note you’re going to play until you can react to his playing. Sometimes you play a note that you didn’t know you knew, and it works perfectly. Sometimes there’s harmony, sometimes discordance.

And it’s no surprise to me that jazz musicians are well known for liking the odd hit of grass, daddy-o. It frees you, loosens you up, allows you to see beyond the musical scale and play the wrong note and make it right. Jump kick>sweep = a C major scale. Bor-ring. Free yourself from the pop music of scrub play and delve into some freewheeling jazz combos. When your fingers pull off the perfect move at the perfect time, that you didn’t really consciously know you needed to do, it’s like a jazz master instinctively feeling his way through a solo. No inner translation from mind to fingers, no interpretation of intent. Just feeling it and letting it out. Straight from the fridge, Jack.

PS: Just to clarify, recreational drug abuse is not big or clever. Nor are John Coltrane, Miles Davis, Charlie Parker, or Jimi Hendrix. Never do drugs or listen to music. Ever.

PPS: Smoke too much and it’s game over: ‘Decisions to make? F**k that I’m watching TV!’

jazz musicians are generally known for being addicted to heroin mate

True, heroin even killed a lot of jazzmen, some well-known, there’s however an history of smoking weed tied to the jazz scene, in the 20’s joints were even known as jazz cigarettes. Louis Armstrong wasn’t exactly against it if I remember correctly.

everyone smoked weed but the point is jazz is generally more associated with heroin

jazz is a kick-ass genre.

Dope post.

My GT is “sparkin it” on XBL. =)

haha, thats a funny, and kinda accurate analogy. I guess you could say marvel players are the charlie parkers of SF

this thread is sweet

here’s why my execution is so bad

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I’m glad it works for you, but I’ve played that game while I’m pretty “loosened up” and I’m terrible. My reaction time is horrible and I can’t even focus. If it works for you, then go for it man. But I have to stay sober. When I’m playing SF I want to be active and involved. When I’m all “loosened up” I just wanna melt into a couch.


this thread is so retarded

Everyone always says they’re so much better when they’re high and they don’t realize how ridiculous they sound or how terrible they really are (while high).

I wrote a post a while back in the guitar thread about how I myself make connections between playing music and Street Fighter; you learn a bunch of stuff and how to deal with certain situations, then play.