Jazz Hands - Welcome to Execution Hell



So I finally sat down to playing this game. I mean, Cammy and I go way back, her and I used to own faces at the local arcade right when she first came out. You know, she’s one of those figures of importance that you grow up with. For some people there was He-Man and his masters of the universe, for others there was Donald Duck or The Mask. For me, there was Cammy. I’ve drawn her to the back cover of my books at school and even painted her leg tattooes allover my arms. She’s right next to me on the shelf in the shape of a plastic figure, too. Then came the sad goodbye to my snes, I had to sell it.
Her and I were both excited however, when I bought the game about half a year ago. Finally I got some time to sit down and work on my execution. I’ve got iCS down to a T, back in May but that’s as far as I got with high season for busting your ass at work right around the corner.

So I’ve been sitting here all night, working on my execution and there are some freaky JFs going on there with some of the links. I’m on Trial12, and it’s proving to be a bit of a problem with the execution window being just a bit too narrow or me being just a bit too noob. (You pick >.>)
So I have two questions to begin with:

  1. iCS seems to work in that trial while apparently it’s been patched out with v2012 or something? I know that iCS[EX] works just fine still, which is some relief but I just wonder if it was patched out how come it’s working in Trial12.

  2. So here we are at trial 12.

I can link iCS to LK just fine.
LK to HP is a bit of a problem because it either doesn’t come out (Literally doesn’t respond to the input of HP) or it doesn’t combo. I got it to combo maybe twice, by some luck. That’s one tricky JF isn’t it!
LK to HP I never managed, and HP seems to have such pushback that cSpike doesn’t seem to be possible. I tried to cancel HP but it doesn’t seem to want to come out.

So, if somebody could please point me to the “Hey noob, this is how you execute SF4”-thread or explain when to input what, if there is a visual cue or something, I’d be eternally grateful.
I’m itching to get online and mash buttons but I might as well do this right and get my fundamentals ticking before I even hit that.



The trials are all from SSF4 - the game displays a message that it’s reverting to Super whenever you open the Trials. So yes, you can do it in the Trials but not in AE2012.

As for the lk hp link - if the hp doesn’t come out, you pressed the button too early. If it comes out but doesn’t combo you pressed it too late.

Look for youtube tutorials on plinking - this will help you hit your links.


Plinking. Got it. Thanks, man!