Jchensor's Annual Evo Bag of Goodies (UPDATE #5! - 09-23-2008: Evo 2008 Write-up #3)

— NEW UPDATE: 09-23-2008 —

This may be the last update for a while, but I decided to write an addendum to my Evo 2008 Wrap-up. Someone mentioned I didn’t seem to discuss the communities enough in my previous post like I did in the past years, so I wrote one more post basically about nothing BUT the communities. Here it is:


I pull no punches this time. :slight_smile: It seems people enjoyed the honest viewpoints I gave out in previous years, so I continued with the tradition, maybe moreso than ever.

Also, as a side little bonus, although I used repeat intros this year for every game, one game WAS new: Brawl. So I uploaded my Brawl Intro, even though it uses all the same crowd footage. But it does use different in game footage and different music. So if anyone is curious, feel free to check that out as well.



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— Older Post: 09-08-2008 —

Finally, a new update. Sorry for taking so long. :slight_smile: Anyhow, it’s my annual “State of the Fighting Games” post. So those of you still paying attention to this thread can check it out here:


As usual, enjoy!

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— Older Post: 08-29-2008 —

Whassup, folks. Update #3 finally done.

So the first write-up for this year’s Evo has been finished. It’s a little gushy, I admit, but I was extremely happy with this year’s Evo. Read all about how I felt about Evo this year here:


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— Older post: 08-25-2008 —

Hey guys, back for update #2. I did say I was taking a while to get these things out because my computer died. I have to admit that’s partially a lie. In actuality, there’s another reason why I’ve been so slow to get these things out that probably has had the greatest effect on my productivity: the Olympics. I’ve been hooked, and can’t stop watching it, so now that they are done, I can get back to business. So here’s some more stuff for you guys.

I’m sure these are already all out there on YouTube, but here are my videos from the Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom Invitational Exhibition Tournament that took place at Evo 2008. I am missing a couple of matches in the middle (when my tape ran out), but there are 12 match videos as well as one goofing-around Combo Experimenting performed by Justin Wong.

You can find all 13 videos here:

And don’t forget, you can still view all my photos here:


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— Older post: 08-22-2008 —

Hey, everyone.

Normally every year, I release a bunch of things like photos and videos and write-ups about the Evo that has just occurred. This year was supposed to be no different, but than my computer died on me. :slight_smile: But I managed to persevere and, even though this first batch is a little late, I have the first of a few goodies for you. namely the photos I took at Evo.

Of course, due to them being a bit late already, I didn’t take the time to weed out the photos that are too blurry and such, and I didn’t title them all like I normally do. I may do it some day but… most likely not. :razz:

In any case, here are the photos I have managed to put up. Please note that in some of the sets, there are actually videos you can watch, too (Flickr allows for up to 90 seconds of video now). Not many, but just keep that in mind in case you run across them.

There are a lot of sets and over 1000 photos, so have fun browsing through them all. I added 11 new sets for Evo 2008. So it’ll be the first 11 sets listed on that page (you’ll notice the logo will say 2008 instead of 2007… ^_^).

And as I complete more things (like write ups and YouTube videos), I’ll update this thread and let you know, so come back and check out this thread from time to time! It may take me a while to get more things up, as my computer IS still dead, but they’ll come slowly but surely. Enjoy!

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love these


jtitzorzzz, this is why i love you


Hell yes, got a picture of me playing SF4. Nice pics, jchensor. You always do a swell job of event coverage.

Nice pictures, James. Looking forward to your annual write up!

So, who did win in that JR vs Ryan Hart 3s match-up?

^^watch the last video in the JR/hart set. :frowning:

Those pics are awesome man. Really bringing back memories from the event. Is it cool if I steal 1 or 2 of the ones that I’m in to use on my myspace? I’ll credit you as the photographer, lol.

good stuff man, I’m going to keep an eye on this thread.

Great pics James !!! You are a legend in the SF community. PEACE

 -D R B

( Evo 2008 CvS2 Winners Bracket 2 out of 3 ) Part 1


Commentary by Apoc

Check first post for update #2!

  • James

SWEET. It’s Marvel vs Capcom 1, with Marvel vs SF assists. Two games I used to be good at. Is there a release date for this yet?

And yeah, I was hooked on the Olympics too…back to buying every game for the 360 and raping it.

i can’t wait for your annual write up man, i’ve seriously been to your blog more than a few times this week.

Check first post for update #3.

  • James

^ ^ ^ Hurrayyy!

I’m not (too) ashamed to admit I’ve been checking your blog about twice a week since Evo ended to see if this was up yet, haha. Thanks for bringing a little of the magic to all of us that couldn’t be there, man. :smile:

Good stuff. I look forward to more.

Fun read, James! That love you describe is why I have stuck around all these years - this community has grown and matured even as the genre itself remained stagnant. I’m legitimately excited to see where things will be headed now that the developers have stepped it up.

Always appreciate your efforts, sir. =)

I read the write up, so how comes along the State of Fighting Games? I kinda remember your 07 one but it was really good.

Looking forward to more! Thanks.

Check first post for Update #4.

  • James

3am you the man. ps i wish your av was real