JCs (jump cancel) for throw invincibility

Dude, R. Mika is the bane of my existence. That meaty after the charged hk irritate me to no end.

Meaty throws? Is that an SFIV thing?

This tech is garbage. You will die horribly to meaties which are a lot scarier in the first place. Eating a throw is not so terrible in comparison.

That Dhalsim situation was just unfortunate. Champ thought he wouldn’t dare throw 4 times in a row, and was preparing for the meaty normals.

Pure mind games.

I’m pretty sure this is why Zangief’s spd often beats out tick throws here. Ever play Laura or Mika, be at plus frames, and have gief spd you out of your command throw? I figure by now most people surely do spd with gief as something like hcb/ub+p, inadvertently applying this invincibility.

I wouldn’t doubt it, especially considering the how much more time the new games give allow for inputs.

Can you do this with sims teleport? That would be pretty terrible…

It’s funny because that’s a thing in SFIV as well.

Okay, I haven’t pulled this off once in training mode yet. Maybe it’s much harder than it looks, but I’ve been playing forever and my execution is usually on point. Is there something I’m missing?

Examples: I’m using Laura, I’m trying to do blocked lp elbow, then us JC elbow/command throw, but I keep getting thrown. I tried having the CPU block my jump in short, then I land and immediately attempt a JC elbow/command throw but I’m still getting thrown.

I started to question the authenticity of this tech, especially since the video doesn’t have the exact variables during the two EX wake ups. On the first wake up (Where Mika is thrown) it’s a true Reversal, as you can see the pop up. During the last wake up (Where Mika beats Chun’s throw attempt) it is NOT a true reversal. This leads me to believe that Chun’s throw isn’t actually meaty (Like she’s not close enough, I think) and Mika is performing her move late. So isn’t the Chun dummy simply whiffing the throw because she’s not close enough to Mika, and her throw ends before Mika’s delayed “JC” special comes out???

Anyways, I’m totally not above just being awful at performing this, and I haven’t found any thread debunking this.

Help me out guys!