JD buffer holding charge?


basically is it possible under any circumstance to hold charge, jd, then still keep charge?

ie with blanka: charge db, go to neutral, jd db, right into counter super?

i had thought going to neutral then back again removes charge and you can only do neutral to forward…(ie jungle hop neutral then resume super) but someone at my arcade insists you can keep charge after jd.


It’ll work…

The same thing happens in P groove…

Charge back, forward(parry), back, forward+fierce
and the super comes out.


ya charge back or down, neutral, jd, up or forward + button works, dunno how useful tho couple times it worked out nice and people are like WTF but oh well


I can’t do this.

I want to be able to do JD, super with Blanka or just JD, regular ball is fine. I’m not sure how the game system works in order to do this though. I tried Guile instead. Was able to do JD, flash kick once out of the at least hundred times I tried. Can anybody explain how the CvS2 charge system works a little more in depth? Or at least direct me to that link where Jason Cole said he discovered this trick.


JD-> super with Blanka isn’t that hard.

just charge down/back, then press forward->back or down/back for a just defend. Then forward->punch/kick for the super. The game gives you so much time to do the super after the JD it’s pretty funny…sometimes like half a second after i press forward+punch the super comes out… xbox live style.

Basically all you are doing is buffering a JD in the super motion.


yah that wasnt what i was asking, i wanted to know if you could do charge back, go to neutral, return to charge back for the jd, THEN finish the forward back forward motion :stuck_out_tongue:

your method works because its still charge back, neutral, forward, neutral, back, neutral, forward, but i want to know if you can:

charge back, neutral, BACK, neutral, forward, neutral, back, neutral, forward, and retain the charge.

the 2nd way has advantage because you DONT commit and lose your charge. so basically you can do:

hold back, jd an attack, then still retain charge and decide what to do without committing and losing your charge. obviously this would be great against someone like say cammy…if cammy is doing standard rushdown chain on you, you can jd the a far fierce, and then hold charge to see what she does…in this case, if she goes for s. rh or c. mk or something you can counter her on the spot with both ways…but if she hesitates, and then short jumps, the first method will have lost charge, whereas the 2nd method still retains charge and is able to counter the sj with a super.


ok, before I start, ~ = immediate. (it’s an old Tekken notation. I would use xx, but that means to cancel/buffer. And you can’t cancel/buffer a JD, so…)

Well, my friend did JD~Headbutt with Honda. Is that the same thing you are talking about? Because when you let go to JD, you add a second “b” motion. Which would cancel your initial charge for the headbutt. (cuz that would make the headbutt motion charge B, B, f+p)

We were all, “wtf?!?!?.” We tried for about 40 minutes to see if we could do it again. Nothing. :frowning:

There was also the time when this scrub was playing the CPU. I watched the scrub spazz a JD~d.short xx lvl 3 blanka ball. The d.short was immediate after the JD. No delay. I was laughing because I wanted to know how the fuck he did that, but I knew he had no fucking clue what he just did. (he was spazzing the whole time, and he turned to ask me how to block. :lol: )

I’m pretty sure there is some type of way to retain a charge, at least slightly, while JD’ing. Many will tell you it’s impossible, but after what I’ve witnessed, I’m going to say it is. (Just hard as hell to do, and not known how)

Jive Out!

EDIT: After reading a little more, I see it’s claimed JD lvl3 Blanka Ball isn’t that hard. So I’m pretty sure the d.short lvl3 B.Ball after the JD may not be so difficult. Makes sense sort of, since the JD is part of the motion.

BUT, can somebody explain how my friend did JD ~ Headbutt?


I think ive read previously that there is a way to jd and retain charge, but you have to be very exact in the timing in when you go to neutral…

Also, given what jreinert said about the leniency in entering the movements, for the jd~headbutt it might hve been, charge back, forward, jd (back), punch.


yea I know what you were talking about I was replying to kcxj’s post when he said he wanted to jd super with Blanka.

what you are talking about, I’m not sure if it’s possible…if it is, it’s ridiculously hard.

Buffering a jd in the super motion with Blanka is just as effective.
Like I said after the JD you have lots of time to decide what you want to do. If the move you jd’d was a punishable one, just press f+punch…otherwise it’s like random super, keep blocking/jding, etc…your choice. If you JD a low short or jab…go for the random super, trust me :slight_smile:
Blanka has a huge advantage over a lot of character because all he has to do after a JD, is f+punch instead of something like QCFx2+punch which is difficult to do after jding a short(without eating another low short).


I’m pretty sure it all works…

With guile I can standing JD once then ->FK/Boom/Sonic Hurricane (SH).

It gets much harder with multiple hits. Go into training and have Ryu throw lvl1 super FBs and try it out. I couldn’t do FK well at all, but I could do boom pretty easy and SH sometimes…

I think (maybe) the trick is to keep the stick in nuetral as much as you can (don’t hold back during last JD to try and “keep” your charge) and do the motion AFTER the JDs. I found I had much better success if i whipped out the f+b+f+P after the green JD was gone.

oh, and keep your charge right before you JD… maybe that’s the key? Not to go to nuetral too long before you JD?

Maybe you guys can mess with it a bit more… but i’m sure it works. I did have great difficulty with Flash kick though.


From James Chensor’s systems guide:

EDIT: I assume this also means that if you dont have charge before you jd, the time that passes while you jd wont increase your charge…