JD buffered into super



This is really cool…

Set dummy Yamazaki to do dash up, d.LK xx sand xx saa! (3 hit combo)

Practice JDing all three hits with K-Rock to get a feel for the timing. Now do this…

-JD the first d.LK, interrupt Yamazaki’s combo with a level 3 super (!!)

The input is db~qcf, d, df+P.

*note: DON’T tap down-back, go to neutral, and then do the quater circle forward. The correct method is to hold db, then smoothly roll the stick for a qcf.

Have fun!


Isn’t this just a blockstun reversal?

But yeah it is fun. I didn’t know you had to go to neutral for the input afterward, I was always having trouble with supers after JDs.

It’s almost as fun to Parry and overlap the Parry input with Deadly Rave Neo.

Sakura #PING# stand fierce PARRY DEDOREE RAIBBB i win


You don’t go to neutral after the JD. Do the blockstun reversal all in one smooth motion. What normally should be a three hit combo for Yamazaki now has three holes when you JD everything.


Wow I didn’t know it cut down the blockstun that much

So… Can you jump straight up and avoid the sand kick after JDing the short? Or is it only you can do something by using invincibility

I don’t have a DC right now otherwise I’d test it myself, sorry about that