Jding CCs DON'T give health?!

I was wondering how much health Sakura’s CC would give for a K groover that JDs it all. So I go set player 2 with auto just defend. I use Sakura’s CC and when he JDs it…NO health!! Wth? CCs don’t give any health? That’s so messed up.

Of course they give you health. Any JD gives you back 100 vital. If you’re in training mode and using the attack data or looking at the health meters, you’re not going to see anything because any lost health is regained immediately, and you can’t get additional health if it’s already at 100%.

Consider that the average Sak CC is around 45 hits (without the super). 45 JDs 100 vital = 4500 health recovered. JDing anything past 10 hits of Sak’s CC is a miracle, but any health you get from the first few JDs will be erased in the next few hits anyway. The most JDs I ever got off any Sak CC is 12 or so, and you can definitely see the vital bar go up significantly (only for it to go back down if you miss or they mix up the CC).

no no no I didn’t go to training mode. I went to VS mode. I put myself as A Sak Vs K Sakura. K Sakura had auto JD. I took out a lot of K Sakura’s life with just throws until it was past half. Then I started the CC and NO health came back. Try it yourself. You’ll see what I mean.