JDing Tiger Uppercut

Ahh i cant remember exactly since its freaking scary to jump into Sagat most of the time anyway…but if you JD all 3 times on a Tiger Uppercut, could you punish him at the height or anytime in between of your JDs? I recently JDed it before but i either forgot or i could not punish him and ate the one he did right after. I was just curious as if theres some way you can punish him afterwards because…well it sucks to be able to JD the hits then get hit anyway -_-;.

from my experience, sometimes u JD 3 times or 4 compare to the angle and crap, i saw this guy who uses really good k-groove JD 2 tigeruppercuts and punish when he lands i believe…it was a long time ago so i don’t remember, he was using geese btw