Jdm714 a.k.a. james la has been missing since scr!


I gave him my stick to mod at SCR. He told me he’d have to order the part, install it, and then ship it to me. I have the receipt to prove I’m not making this up. I haven’t been able to get in contact with him since that sunday(finals) and I want my stick/parts back. If anyone knows him, knows where to find him please let me know ASAP! It’s a dual modded PS3 Mad Catz V.S. with Darth Vader artwork at a six button plexi on top, and Star Wars artwork and plexi on the bottom. Somebody help me find this guy!!! Thanks…


You know it takes time for parts to ship in
and depending on the part it takes a while to install.

Also I do not think were getting the whole story from you.

I also want to add; you making this public is not going to help you out at all


Seriously. WTF.

JDM is a very well-known and well-established Tech Talk member. He’s been sent preview sticks by people/companies to review their arcade stick before it’s on the market. I would hardly make sense for him to steal a stick from another gamer. Just because he hasn’t been reachable in a few days hardly means he ran off with your stick.


Also what Sunday is that? What date? Most of us do not live in South Cali and are not aware of SCR’s scheduled.

Not receiving a answer in a few days is quite normal around here as none of us do Stick Modding/Repair/Building as a primary occupation.
For most of us this is a hobby that we do on the weekends and evenings.
Are you sure James didn’t give you a time frame or or something to know how long to expect?

What Part(s)?

Some of us honestly takes weeks to get all the parts in, have the parts sorted, and have everything dissembled, wired, re-assembled and ready for shipment.
It will take longer if James had to order the parts from Japan or China.

Also James is a College student so his studies takes priority over your stick.

Still this is bad form taking such a issue out in public. Internet forums are alot like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Real Life; you do not want to air out your dirty laundry.
And your drawers got shit stains.


Yeah, nothing is clear except that you are in panic mode over one of the most reputable modders in existence.

Full order specs are necessary. What mod is being done? Did you ask for his super wiring to be done?

I’m sure you’re just freaking and I’m sure once you do get your stick back and see his pro tier work that you’ll feel a little bit sheepish in posting this.


Would’ve been better to word it like “Does anyone have alternate contact information for JDM? I asked him for a mod at SCR and haven’t been able to get in touch with him since.”

This thread started off as a witchhunt…


I will message him now to see what’s up.


A few days? How about 59 days and counting. The last day of SCR was March 2nd, and he told me it would take a couple weeks at the most. I’ve texted him, called him, emailed him, and messaged him on this forum multiple times and haven’t gotten a single reply in nearly two months. I gave him my stick/bag, a clear dust washer, shaft, and bubble top. The part he was supposed to order is the LED kit for the ball-top. What more of the story would you like? I’ve known James for a while, and I never expected anything like this to happen either. I mean, we used to hang out and grill and play games at our local meet-up, he and Kuya Joe are both friends of mine. So yeah, I’m putting the guy on blast because I want my property back. I know none of you know me so that’s why you’re quick to bash my post and side with him instead of actually listening to what I’m saying. Either way, it’s been two months and counting since he went ghost on me, I just want my stick/parts back…


Why is this surprising? We know him, and we know he wouldn’t steal a stick. We don’t know you, and you come in blasting that he stole your stick, which we know he wouldn’t do. That’s a pretty normal and logical unravelling of events, if you ask me.


If you posted everything you JUST said in your first post, instead coming in and directly accusing someone for stealing, everyone might’ve been a bit more lenient. Maybe you could’ve phrased it like “Has anyone heard from JDM? He’s had my stick for 2 months and I haven’t heard back from him, and I’m getting worried.” rather than “OMG he stole my stick!”

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not unsympathetic to your plight; I just think jumping in and publicly accusing a well-established member of the community of theft wasn’t the best way to get info about it.


JDM hasn’t been active on SRK for the longest time. PM’ing him here is probably going to be fruitless.


Yo relaxe everyone… I have tried to get a hold of James to correct this… hopefully if I dont someone like Mark can but dont get hostile with the OP… its one of those things where he’s kind of run out of options… its been a long time without contact from James so I get why he’s like this… I’m trying to get a hold of JDM as well…

Miss you all

this was not the way I wanted to say hello to you guys haha!..


^ We miss you.

I have yet to hear from James. He was also going to do some work for my co-worker (he was hooking it up so we don’t mind waiting), but we haven’t heard from him so we are just a bit concerned. If you’re reading this James, we’d just like an update!


Maybe he’s a little backlogged? I hope that’s the case that he has real life stuff going on and a mountain of mods to catch up on rather than something bad.


I imagine that he’s got the “Load to Evo” going on. Everyone wants their last minute dualmods and such.


Does a post like this seriously even belong here? This is TECH TALK. We talk about TECH, not DRAMA. I feel sympathy if that truly happened but posting here is completely inappropriate. If you truly feel he has ‘stolen’ it from you then perhaps you should make a police report instead of posting here trying to slander another community member.

I think a mod should close this thread.


Plenty of drama going on here, just take a look around : /


@gahrling‌ yeah, I know :frowning:


Its been 2months, ill be pissed off too. Hopefully there is an update as JDM valuable contributor here…I think this thread does deserve to be here as it seems the op has run out of options to find ways to contact him. Hopefully there will be an update.


Yeah, please. Fellow mods, do not close this. We don’t want to leave a member hanging.


What are you talking about? I leave my member hanging all the time. Usually above a set of tonsils.

Seriously tho, hope JDM is ok.