Jean grey or emma frost

who you like better?

i know a lot of people will say emma is far more interesting. its no doubt that Jean is Scotts true love. Jean all the way

Jean Grey easy.



oh man, Emma is so damn hot. She could suck the paint of a fender.

On the other hand Jean Grey could probably deliver a very satisying telekinetic prostate orgasm with out ever putting her fingers in my ass.

If we are talking just looks and body then Emma FTW!

Emma. She dresses like a Playboy playmate 24 hours a day and is far more creative with her “talents” than Jean ever was. I read an issue where she was getting it on with Scott and Emma telepathically changed her outer appearance look like Jean Gray as Phoenix. And if I remember correctly, she did the same exact thing to Logan too.

Any woman who willingly pretends to be someone else when you’re having sex is a keeper in my book. Role playing = awesome random sex.

jean…emma is constantly drawn with camel toe now…thats just weird to see in comics. they both come off as freaks to me. but jeans freakyness only comes out when wolvy’s around…she still gets wet in the spandex for that canadian. i have a feeling she’s totally missionary with cyclops. but will do w/e freaky thing wolverine wants…shit if he asked her to stab him in chest and lick his blood before he heals…she’d do it.


am i the only one who has a montage of cyclops yelling jean from various cartoons run through their head?

Emma Frost all day long.

Sexy and a powerful TK user. On top of that on more than one occasion has combined the two for interesting results.

And because of all that she’s one of my personal faves when it comes to Marvel characters.

is it cool if this thread can have some kick ass artwork for both of them?

I like emma too… she doesn’t pass out and cry “scott, i can’t!”… emma gets bad ass at times… She wasn’t afraid of the hulk! it’s just, jean was longer in the x-men so ya…

Jean/Phoenix is the win…and Sexy-as-hell Famke Janssen only makes it better <3

:u: even gay dudes want to get with Jean Grey. The choice is clear.

Jean Gray wins with the Famke Janssen assist.

I know some gay dudes are just as obsessed with Emma…I’d say it should be a tie, but more are obsessed with Jean…

emma > jean.

still, psylocke > all.

Enjoy the neg :wgrin:

…this is tough. I don’t read comics much, but just from their looks…it’s still tough.

…ahhhhh…Emma. I’d do both though, if given the chance.

Enjoy the pos. Ninja slut FTW! :rock:

Jean / Emma artwork is fine, go for it. So long as it’s not recent stuff, like straight out of Messiah Complex it’s fine.

Seriously though, the big Psylocke artwork index will blow them both out of the water. Psylocke pound for pound just hasn’t had the superior writing that Jean and Emma have had. Whoa Crimson Yawn flashbacks… :wasted:

Looks Emma wins

Everything else I’ll go with Jean though