Jeans or prison uniform?

For me it’s a no-brainer. Ever since I completed FF in the arcade as a child I’ve always seen the jeans and t-shirt look as a cody thing. I can remember feeling like Bare Knuckle ripped it off with Axel Stone, too. When we had Cody in a3, I was overjoyed, but I have always been disappointed with the prison uniform.

Anyway, I have often wondered what other people think. So here’s a poll!
Post your reasons if you like. I’m sure I’ll/we’ll enjoy reading them.

u’r from the uk aren’t you? I was sure “vest” was something else till i checked it… tank top or undershirt. lol

I like his street wise outfit the most, followed by his currently first alternate. his alpha outfit has some style but looks kinda “dumb” after a while. his new alternate would also be cool, but not with those slippers >_>

Plain white T and blue jeans is SO BOSS. Totally fits Cody’s style of non-flashy, nondescript, no-nonsense straightforward style. I’m appalled at his current alt with the tattoos and accessories cuz it’s all crap Cody would never wear unless prison made him a little bitch. Studded wrist bands and wing tattoos? Come on!!

tattoos are a somewhat sterotypical japanese belive. (gang sign, convict style etc).
I think it suits him as “tough street fighter from prison” but the choice they were going for seems kinda boring and not very inventive. I’d like that he hase some kind of unique “OMG THATS SO COOL” tattoo.

^what does his new outfit look like?? can u send me a link to a pic or something?

: X slippers… he’s gonna lose THE BOOT with those >_<

^ok that just looks win lol

The slippers are just all wrong for that look…

the sandals are an authentic touch.
prisoners are issued sandals in lots of facilities(worldwide)

@ any rate, im glad for this new alt, because i thoroughly hate the down-low gangsta alt1 :annoy:

I was using the Alt 1 with the ink filter, but in the end Cody’s Original, color seven is the way to go. Dat Orange strip. Alt 1 just has really crappy colors unfortunately. Looking forward to Alt 2

Alt 2 is a bit of a disappointment IMO. Why would Cody need a SECOND prison uniform.

Um because… he’s a prisoner?=S

And no matter what anyone says, this new second Alt is KICKASS

Ye this alt rocks! Although any other color then orange will just look weird :S I mean i have never seen a purple prison uniform :stuck_out_tongue:

With Alt. 2, it would be awesome if his flipflops fly off when you do far Hk and becomes an AA projectile XD

i don’t like his alternate 1 at all… Jailbird or Prisoner uniform.

His second alt is a Uniforn you would find at a correctional facility…i.e…people that are in prison because they have a serious issue like cody’s constant need to fight :slight_smile:

Until I see a Streetwise alt I don’t care.

It’s all about alt 2. I love the green jumpsuit, and the fact that it says “Metro City D.O.C.” is the icing on the cake!

Alt 2 is the best because its real.

Normal outfit is alright but is a little too “cartoony” for even SF$ imo.

Alt 1 is 100% homo, seriously. Only place on the planet you could wear that and not be thought gay is Japan but lets face it, 50% of the females there were born male anyways.