Jeenyus1's "Good Sh*t" Sale with FREE Arcade Parts!

I have a bunch of stuff that needs to go!

Everything includes FREE shipping within Canada & USA! (Except Hawaii & Alaska)

Every order will also come with random FREE arcade parts. The more you buy, the more freebies. Some stuff includes as freebies: (1) black Sanwa balltop, (6) stock HRAP buttons, dust washers, (1) Olive Hori balltop and more!

Prices listed in ($USD)

PayPal accepted.

**2.) Xbox360 custom Joystick with Namco parts **

-Modded with Xbox360 PCB.

-Orange stained poplar case

-Similar size as the TE stick but slightly smaller

-Brand new Lexan top (currently has no artwork, ready for your custom artwork of choice :D)

-All stock Namco parts.

-Guide/start buttons functional.

-Joystick’s wires fitted with quick-disconnects.

-Dedicated mic port feature. (you need to buy a $2 male to female adapter from though)

-Includes FREE original Namco PCB

(Notice the headset mic port on the left hand side :wink:

$170 or Best Reasonable Offer.

Special offer with this arcade stick! Whoever purchases this fine joystick will also received a FREE brand new, in box, Razer Destructor Professional Gaming Mat. Retail value :$40 absolutely free along with other random freebies.

3.) Brand new, still sealed, in-box, European “Blue Swirl” region-free Dreamcast controller

Willing to sell for $12

4.) Bluetooth Razer notebook mouse

-Used for less than 5 hours. Includes 2 AA Duracell Batteries


Willing to sell for $25

5.) TomTom One GPS (SOLD!)

6.) Street Fighter 4 Xbox 360** (SOLD!)

7.) Stock Namco Joystick (ONLY the joystick, NOT the whole Namco Arcade Stick)**

Willing to sell for $25

8.) Sanwa JLF PCB (brand new)

Willing to sell for $10

PM me if you’re interested in anything.

Is this the same GPS that you have? Does it require an annual subscription? Thanks

Yes, it’s the same one.

No, you don’t require any sort of subscription.

so it works perfectly fine while plugged in the car charger though right?

GPS Sold!

Added a new custom stick for sale.

How come you sell everything I build for you??? lol :slight_smile:

The custom stick has an awesome case, very nice woodwork, and it plays like a dream.

Good luck with the sale! :tup:

Whew! jeenyus1, that is one SEXY Xbox 360 custom stick! You just can’t beat stock Namco Arcade Joystick parts! :lovin:

Good luck with your sales man. I’d hate to see that custom stick with Namco parts go unsold. :xeye:

I don’t need 2 sticks ne more so I need to sell off one of them otherwise it’d just collect dust :smiley:

And I’m not selling both sticks just one of them, it was a choice of one or the other and I’d rather keep the Namco for nostalgia so I swapped it for the custom one :smiley:

PS: Thanks Ikagi, it’s indeed a beauty. If you see that it doesn’t sell, feel free to give it a good home :slight_smile:

Anytime man! Though I’m a little short on cash to give this thing a place in my house. I did do a bit of advertising here for you in the Namco Stick Appreciation! thread. Hopefully, that’ll convince someone to buy it! :tup:

jeenyus will take this item.

8.) Sanwa JLF PCB (brand new)

Willing to sell for $10


Prices on microsoft wireless adapter + Razer bluetooth mouse dropped.

Added something FREE to sweeten the deal on the Namco custom joystick.

Whoever purchases the stick will also be given a FREE, brand new, in box Razer Destructor Professional Gaming Mat. This things great and it even comes with it’s own personal carrying case!

Link to the gaming mat:

Thanks for IV, jeenyus! Forgot to tell you that!

Np, anytime :smiley:

u sold the jlf pcb? i have the money ready on paypal

let me know