Jeenyus's Assorted Arcade Parts SALE!

I got a bunch of stuff just lying around that I don’t need and am selling. All things listed include shipping within Canada & USA. Must buy at least $5.00 worth of stuff or extra shipping cost will be necessary. On most of these things I’m selling I won’t be making any money since I have to buy a package to ship it in, drive to the postal office, PayPal fees etc. but I’m selling this stuff just for other people who are interested and don’t want to wait incredibly long to receive their stuff.

(1) Brand new orange oil-stained Japanese style case w/ new plexi glass.

(1) Street Fighter IV Madcatz SE arcade case. (Excellent condition. All original hardware included)

(1) Brand new Madcatz headset adapter converter piece

(2) Sanwa OBSF Snap-in 30mm Dark Hai buttons

(5) WHITE Madcatz 30mm stock buttons + (2) BLACK Madcatz 30mm stock buttons

(1) Olive Hori balltop

(1) White Madcatz balltop

(1) Arthong transparent clear-see through dust washer [fits shaft w/ shaft cover & without]

(1) Seimitsu LS-56 Shaftcover + dust washer set. [the shaft cover has 2 scratches]

(3) Springs [1 LS-33 spring, 1 Hori spring, 1 Madcatz SE spring]

(1) ASCII TPMA board w/ microswitches

(1) MadCatz TPMA board w/ microswitches

PayPal is accepted.

I got the wiring harness. Please paypal info.

What’s an Ascii TPMA board?

i think its like sanwa pcb board but with microswitches

also will take
(3) Springs [1 LS-33 spring, 1 Hori spring, 1 Madcatz SE spring]
(1) ASCII TPMA board w/ microswitches

TP-MA is actually a product code for Sanwa.
Microswitch PCB Assembly.

And TP-MA means both the Circuit Board and Microswitches together.
Separate, the PCB is Sanwa JLF-PK, and the Microswitches be Sanwa MS-O-2P.

Oh. I would’ve been happy if it was the ascii sanwa flash clone pcb. But then again it wouldn’t be 5 bucks. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m interested in that case (have been for a while), but looking for funds. If they come through I’ll take it off your hands.

All requests replied to with my PayPal address.

LuckyDay, if it’s the funds that’s holding you back I’ll let the case go for $75.00 shipped for you :wink:

Interested in (4) Cherry Microswitches - $6.00

How new are these microswitches and are these the microswitches that can replace the ones in the joystick? Let me know, thanks!

These have been slighty used. There is absolutely no solder on the swithches. Yes you can replace these in your joystick.

Cherry Microswitches and Sanwa wire harness sold!

By case, you mean no PCB, right? Just confused to what “All original hardware” means.

Yes, just the case no PCB or anything.

“All original hardware” means all the nuts, bolts and feet that came with the stick.

PM sent