Jeff Schaefer's RoninWarrior joystick: (process) Beginning to End

Hey what?s up everyone,

Thought I would make a thread of the progress and process of the RWC stick I am making for the Legendary Jeff Schaefer. What up Jeff, here it is bro you will get to see this thing get built from begining to end. I also am making something quite different form my normal RWC, this stick will be the Old school Crusher lol.

First off I will be making it for Xbox360 with room for moding. I will be installing the IL Eurojoystick and staying ture to the old cabs I will be making it a 6 button layout Straight Grid with a twist. one inch away from the hP;hK to the right I will install two buttons for his all buttons. I remember this layout back when I was young and it's the straight up oldschool SF2 cab layout with the addition of the two extra buttons. I will use Sanwa 30's for the buttons and  using the Ninja scroll case design with the addition of a couple inches on each side because of the nature of the oldschool layout. 

Get Ready Jeff cause this will be one of the best sticks I've made yet I have all my trials out the way and my knowledge of paint has risen much since my last post things just get better so I am real excited to be making this for you man It is Truly an Honor!!!

Let it begin: (will be posting pics soon) Check Jeff out at LAAKUMA youtube! All You Can!!!

cant wait to see the pics and process. GL, sounds interesting

Thanks I can’t wait too. I will be posting my Dormammu stick soon just printed the art and now to put it all together it will be big!!! and I plan to improve even more with Jeff stick.

Why don’t you use happ comp buttons? Or even some happ concave buttons for extra authenticity?

In for later

He is using IL/Happ, There was a period in time where some SF2 Cabs had Happ/IL. So its just as authentic. So what do you mean? Do you mean the buttons? Sanwa buttons feel nicer then happ but, I also prefer a happ stick with sanwa buttons feels nice.

That is what jeff asked for. he wants the sanwa buttons basicly this is all his idea so it wont be 100% oldschool but close. I was meaning more the layout. at first he wanted HAPP comp but he changed his mind to the Eurostick. but I would like to in time make a oldschool stick for myself using all HAPP parts.

great project for you Ronin! looking forward to seeing what a you will do with that. Mad skills man.

Sanwa/Sei/Happ are technically all old-school, Just depends where you are from.

Sanwa - 1982
Happ - 1997

here is just a shot of how big these IL eurojoystick really are. I waited till it arrived before I made any measurements, and I am glad I did because it is huge lol. So I will probably go with a 3.75in tall case that should give me plenty of room for clearance. I also with have some extra room at the base because I am making this one with a flat base no artwork or plexi, I will be putting a non slip rubber mat on the bottom so there is no way this thing will move also the weight of it will be much heavier that a normal case I will be installing weights to make it more stable. gluing the boards up tonight and by Monday I should have a case. the rest of the would will be used for my normal sized cases, I will have some blanks made up ready for customization.

Jeez those things are huge. Still, can’t wait to see more on this!

o yeah they are lol that board it is sitting on is 4.5in wide so take .75 away and there you go, big mofo. but I will make it work and make it as comfortable as I can

Heres how to make an il/happ fit in a shorter case:

thanks man I checked it out and looks like a good idea. I will have to run this by Jeff though cause I think he wants it left alone but I will see what he thinks. Thanks bro for the help!!!

such a tease with that only one shot XP. j/k

I’m glad I stumbled upon this page. Jeff mentioned you were making his stick and no doubt he would show it off on a later youtube post, but it’s nice you’re showing everyone the work in progress.

yeah he wanted me to open this up to show everyone the next week should have pics up

Thanks Jeff and Ronin. Looking forward to seeing a nice lil classic hybrid.

here is the control panel layout I will be using my usual plexi though and not that piece of wood for the panel. I worked out the Template of the board so I know how much to miter off which i will do after this post. then I will glue the sides, back, and front. let the glue set then got cut the case up into perrtii lol angles. I will not show how but will show the before and after of the case, without angles and with.

The template size is 7.5in tall and 17 1/8in wide more less this thing will look like a vlx hori stick. And with it’s wide design it will stay in place better than a Square of 1.5 square but I never make my case squarish I like the wide design so much better, It just feels right.

The sides will each be 1.5in wide so add 3 inches to the 17 1/8 and this thing will measure in at around 20in wide. the case will have to be 3 1/8 tall to fit the joystick in without moding the shaft. just in case he wants to change out for a different model joystick there will be no issues with clearance. From front to back we are looking at something like 9.75in. so in all it will be 20in x 9.75in.

that is all I think for now, after I glue the parts up and make the cuts I will post more picks of the case in its raw form (bare wood)

your welcome {phaedrus} I am getting more excited about it as I go.

Great to know that Jeff is still playing, and this is an excellent assignment.