Jeff Schaeffer Interview / Video History of the SF2 years


not sure if this has been posted yet but i found it extremely interesting and wanted to share this with the community.

Its been posted before, but fuck it its a great video should get a repost


Yeah pretty much.

Best interview I’ve seen for any part of gaming history

I love this kind of shit. 30 seconds in and I’m already pumped!

Whenever i watch things like this and get perspective on the old days it really communicates well to the new school way of how things are done in the scene, i hope one day Tomo and Schaeffer come out and have a huge OG battle as an exhibition at EVO (watts, tomo, schaeffer, kuni ect).

Can Tomo Defeat Diago? id love to see that match if it were ever possible…

At what?

I mean, if anything is clearly evident from those videos, it’s that the different versions of SF were genuinely different. If they play ST, then Daigo will win because he knows ST and Tomo does not. If they play Hyper Fighting Tomo will likely win because he knows the little important intricacies that Daigo doesn’t.

Without taking *anything *away from Schaeffer (I recognize and respect the skill). It’s interesting to hear him talk about in one breath how one little mistake in Super Turbo means you lose to a super combo. Then only 3 or 4 minutes before he talks about the virtues of how one little mistake in Hyper Fighting means that Guile loses to Sagat.

It really goes to show how the things you know and the things you love become your definition of what the game should be.

Im just a fool for hoping a dream match like that might occur in 4 (fat chances i know) but i would be more interested in an OG exhibition at evo, would be hype.

I agree with your statement about HF it makes total sense.

Why 4? That’d be even less interesting than ST or HF. You can bet people who havent played since CE/HF will probably struggle more with 4 than ST

I understand this, but what if he has been training on the mountain tops ?


I get that it wont happen.

But what about the evo exhibition , what are your thoughts on that. HF or ST whichever is agreed upon (I vote for HF of course)

Watched this set a while back…great vids for sure, definetly worth a watch. :tup:

I read one of his comments he posted on his videos. Said that all the new games are lame. So basically he feels anything capcom has done after HF is lame or is it Turbo. A lot of those guys couldn’t handle the shift in game mechanics so I think that’s why they quit not that the games weren’t as good.

Theoretically even if he practiced I’d rather see him play the game he excelled at. Him playing 4 would be about as interesting as him playing Halo to me.

This ain’t comic books, stop fantasizing about dream matches.

lol after you hear what they think about st, they are going to despise sf4. and tomo doesnt practice anymore and he is not as young as he was so some grudge match would just be for the fun of it or w/e

All aboard the Blanka train! :wgrin:

probably SSF2/T. i think he summed up the arcade atmosphere and general response to SSF2 succinctly, within the context of it’s time, in the first 2:00 min here:[media=youtube]MziFXD30USY[/media].
although, i would add game speed wasn’t the only factor that doomed it. it was also, the fact the new characters collectively sucked (they never lived up to the hype), more competition from other companies, an update rather than a sequel, etc.

LOL…or, maybe it was simply a disappointing game that never lived up to the hype or previous games. i mean, if you take all the hate and disappointment towards SF4 on SRK and multiply that by a infinitely larger player base. it’s the same old story.

except yanno schaeffer was a decent A2 player and bested Valle in his prime during a tournament at that game.

the game mechanics changed into something that they didn’t like, so they didn’t bother to keep up with it and thus never became good. Also things like real life got in the way for them, they couldn’t spend 8 hours a day every day at the arcade like they used to do back then.

These are hardcore WW-HF players that played non-stop against a higher caliber level of competition than we do today. If they wanted to get good at SF4 there is no reason why they can’t. The information is out there, they’ve proven that they have the mental skills and had the reaction time. They just have to learn it, and sadly learn combos that take away 50% life for a little mistake.

your comparing apples to oranges here. ST 1 little mistake means that you just lost 50% life from a super. Or more if they comboed into it. The Guile Sagat match just means that Guile has the play the match perfectly in order to win. Like he did against Daigo back in 04. At any one time in HF it isn’t likely that Sagat will do more than 20% damage on guile. Especially with the way they played (footies, zoning, spacing, chipping a little away from their life bar and have a long grueling match).

For those wanting to see how they’d fare vs Daigo there is a pretty long casual set on youtube for Schaeffer vs Daigo on Anniversary in 04 I think, both pick HF, CE, ST, and even mix and match vs each other.