Jeff Schaffers sf legacy HAS COME TO THIS



1.avoiding rocky rose in sf 2 HF
2.jeff getting the crap kicked outta him by 14 yr old super street fighter 4 ken scrubs
3.Masterbating about getting his ass kicked by 14yr old ken scrubs at ssf4
4.Just licking tomos balls and lying abut his losses at sf 2 HF
5.Jeffs son realizing his dad dribbles on incoheritly about nothing
6.Jeffs son realizing his dad is full of shit and NEEEDS AN ENEMA stuck straight up his ass


and cowaring in the corner at the thought of rocky rose [media=youtube]YSEvMLQX2Mc[/media]


missingpersons asss is sooo sore from getting raped by the god of sf 2 HF heres his rant vid on me [media=youtube]1H_Zl0P4vfM[/media]


Tomo I KNOW YOUR GAMERTAG dont think im not WAITING for you to come in a sf 2 hf xbox lobby BECUASE I AM and when you do ill be in the lobby and your gonna get the beating of your LIFE [media=youtube]1H_Zl0P4vfM[/media]