Jello or Pudding?

what is best

What’s with the poll threads with no polls lately?

And Jell-O, Pudding is disgusting.

Whichever one your mum prefers to lick off my balls.


Pill Cosby views on Jello vs Pudding may or may not reflect my own.

Pudding us superior tech.

beerus would smash earth for some delicious pudding

Like most things it comes down to which one you would rather eat out of the asshole of an Asian whore. Jello melts too fast for the Human body’s constant 98+ degree heat, the asshole being a chief source of said heat, so pudding is the ideal candidate.

Also sleeping pills mash up much easier in pudding… :coffee:


Pudding is best. That’s why it’s a term of endearment. Jello is low tier. That’s why you call haters jello.


Flan is the superior choice

Pudding. How is this even in question?

Why do you guys call it “jell-O”?

Because Jell-O is the most prominent distributor of gelatin-based desserts in the US. It’s the same reason most people call cola beverages “coke” and diapers “pampers”. And to answer OPs question. Pudding wins by a mile, no contest. Unless it’s artificial banana pudding. Hrrk!

There is only one right answer.


Jello sucks.


Pudding is the superior snack.

Only if made right.

I’ve had some nasty ass flan

That sounds like something you should get checked out.