Jennifer Aniston voted hottest woman of all time

no Scarlett love :frowning:


So…were they drunk, high, distracted and controlled by an otherworldly force when the votes were cast?

Just askin…


doesnt matter, she still doesnt have kids

Look at that Top 5.


I didn’t know hottest meant most likeable

can i still vote?

of all time?

What the…fuck? I know girls that are still in their early teens that are hotter.

Oh is that why she cant keep a man.

She’s ok…I dont get her being hottest.

The top 5 list is just…atrocious. She hasnt been funny since Friends.

I want to agree with you, but at the same time I don’t…
I will agree Aniston is not hot though

I’ll admit it I got a few boners watching her scenes in Terrible Bosses

…but of all time?
Someone got [S]laid[/S] paid.

not keeping a man=/= not beautiful …she could just be a bitch…

but…all time?

Cleopatra is rolling in her grave

hell that bitch from tron looked WAAAAAY better

Chris Hanson would like a word with you…

Real talk, I love big phat titties but Jenny keeps her body stupid tight.

Black people need to look at her and be like “We need to go to the gym”

Notice I didn’t say “I like skinny bitches”, no one likes skinny bitches, but everyone should want their bitches to go to the gym and get tioght. Just imagine if Jen had a big phat ass on her little tight body.

Maybe if it’s only actresses. And we’re taking about feet. Then maybe. Maybe. Perhaps.