--- Jersey Break Down 11/10/02 with pics and videos (really... they're up) ---


1st- justin ‘they forced me to’ wong
2nd- josh ‘i’ll get that damn ps2 next time’ wong
3rd- brandon deshields
4th- rick mears
5th- josh wigfall
5th- julian robinson
7th- desmond pinkney
7th- phil …huh?!.. burnell
9th- kevin ‘tadaos’ smith
9th- damian eklund
9th- shawn morgan
9th- bryheem keyes

1st- rick-e ortiz
2nd- justin wong
3rd- julian robinson
4th- arturo sanchix
5th- josh wong
5th- christian ‘skisonic’ sutton
7th- philong ‘jetphi’ nguyen
7th- todd ‘zeruel’ dwyer
9th- ron maloles
9th- eric fantau
9th- alex anderson
9th- david spence

1st- julian robinson
2nd- pete talley
3rd- david spence
4th- trevor vanterpool

1st- arturo sanchex
2nd- josh wigfall
3rd- justin wong
4th- ed espino

1st- john ‘flashg’ gordon
2nd- rick-e ortiz
3rd- justin wong
4th- arturo sanchiz




  • thanks to everyone who came out. philly, new york, ct and jersey were well represented.
  • i noticed a few new people who came lost once and left. just wanted to let you guys know that my tournaments are double elimination unless otherwise stated. this means you guys can lose up to two matches. hope to see you guys next time.
  • justin made a late decision to enter mvc2. he payed double entry to compensate for his fobbiness.
  • the ever so dramatic mvc1 tourney was to die for.
  • we all knew ed won… i mean, he did beat half of new york cough cough :rolleyes: if the little brat didn’t choke, who knows… j/k :evil: “s’all good”, ed =)
  • btw, that fob justin and kittypants (…wtf is that name about?!!) both suck at super turbo and caught me on an off day… lol :smiley:
  • video links are a bit slow, so you might want download at odd times :frowning:
  • on unrelated news, i seemed to have misplaced the st and mvc1 brackets so apex results will be a little slow :frowning:
  • why’s philly beastin?
  • http://shoryuken.com/forums/showthread.php?threadid=15348 for more specifics on mvc2
  • i most likely won’t be going to nec3 due to having to kiss @$$ for work… and uh… open bar … uh… and uh… chicks… and oh yeah… booze…
  • uh… diii-ssed… (says art)
  • ggpo


philly hates leaving home cause we’re lazy so everyone bust out those plane tickets…

teams for marvel: (shit used in important matches listed first)

justin - mag/storm/psy, mag/cable/doom
josh wong- sent/storm/capcom, mag/cable/sent
brandon - ironman/storm/sent or psy, mag/storm/sent
rick - sent/storm/capcom, cable/bh/capcom
josh wigfall - mag/cable/psy, sent/storm/capcom
julien - zangief/cable/sent, bh/cable/cyke or capcom

edit: rick is fucking pissed because “he lost to bums he knows he should beat” so expect to see him saturday w/ a new team he thinks is invincible


damn i was too busy gettin owned by ricky ortiz’s msp on the small cab to catch match one with josh wigfall.

bryheems match against phil was really funny and sad at the same time. he almost knocked that shit over haha.

justins mag is nasty.

Josh wiggy shoulda played better against brandon.

des had an off-night

i got shat on by brandon.

girl at ddr was pretty slammin

bryheem never shut up and only when a philly person was losing. Other than that all you heard was grunts, yeas, and get ems. shit pissed me off don’t know bout anyone else.

whats up with ed, i thoguht hes the king of mvc1 damn.

night was mad fun, got to catch up with people from all over and meet new peeps(sup dru) and chill around. was pretty coo looking at everyone watch teh finals and knowing that the top players from the north east were all their from NY, NJ and Ct. dope ass shit

damn pungza wake the fuck up


loll :bluu: :bluu: blah blah blah … not my fault



Just wanted everyone to know that I have the ST/MvC1 results and will be posting them up tomorrow. I just got back from the hospital after dealing with the mad sickness… I’ll tell those in the know when I see them.

Thanks for coming out to the tournament. Hopefully we can get something like this happening a bit more often :slight_smile:



Darn phi, i wish your camera would have worked when i was playing josh wigfall, i really wanted to see those matches. That one where i won in 15 seconds, i still can’t believe it:eek:

Good job damian (FecalPenance) On beating ricky ortiz in mvc2:cool:

My youngen Rick Mears is a beast!

Starbury, when you were playing me you weren’t playing your best. I say at NEC3 if we play again, we will have a better match.

PS: I hate playing against my friends, it feels sucky at the end for some reason:depress:

Make sure you put our apex points up for mvc2 phi


I beat phi 3-0 in ST. GRRRRRRRRRR. I beat Ed in marvel 1. LOL


ST Results:

  1. Julian Robinson : Vega, Blanka
  2. Pete Talley : Old Sagat, Old Ken, Bison
  3. David Spence “dublo7” : Sim, Chun Li
  4. Trevor Vanterpool “Shag” : Balrog, Vega, Zangief
  5. Kei Chow “TBZ” : EC Gief, Honda, Guile
  6. Ricky Ortiz : Chun Li
  7. John Gordon “FlashG” : Ryu
  8. Justin Wong : Chun Li
  9. Todd Dwyer “Zeruel” : Sim, Ken, Old Ken, Honda, Ryu
  10. Alex Monin “Bernie” : Chun Li, Dee Jay
  11. David Doyle “Ken” : Chun Li
  12. PhiLong Nguyen “JetPhi” : Fei Long
  13. Desmond Pinkney “Xecutioner” : Vega
  14. Ed Espino “IIxAcexII” : Old Sagat, Ryu
  15. Phil Burnell “Darksyde” : Blanka
  16. James Sorge “Nightmare” : Old Ken, Vega
  17. David Turner : Old Ken, Honda
  18. Chris Doyle : Chun Li

Your APEX points are up as promised…

MvC1 Results

  1. Arturo Sanchez
  2. Josh Wigfall
  3. Justin Wong
  4. Ed Espino
  5. Mike D.*
  6. Dru from CT :slight_smile:
  7. Liston Para Para Parasam *
  8. Julian Robinson
  9. Todd Dwyer
  10. Eric ??
  11. Thein ??
  12. Alex Monin
  13. Lawrence Carr
  14. Phil Burnell “Darksyde”
  • Ed beat this NY player :slight_smile:

Someone decided to be cute and put a “NYC” label on the MvC1 marquee.



That would be me. :smiley:



todd wtf happen to your almighty powerful avatar…


Somebody get Bryheem some fucking sedation or something. This fool, by himself in another one of his stupid fits of rage, lifted a machine clear off the floor that usually takes 2 normal people to stuggle to move. Get this man off the crack pipe, please.

Oh well, at least he lost, so I’m happy, among many others. I think that’s the first time people were cheering FOR Phil. :lol:

Overall, the whole day was pretty fun. I wish we got out earlier and didn’t have to deal with Dunellen’s Finest™, but that couldn’t be helped.

Marvel 1 was fun, despite me losing badly and watching Ed choke his games away. But at least I won with Spidey and Commando, on seperate occasions! That should count for 2 extra places! This game sucks. :lol:

So is mvc1 finally dead? :smiley: That nyc tag on the marquee was mad funny, btw. Appropriate, too.

And for ST, I also played Blanka. Ask Desmond. j/k :stuck_out_tongue:

Question: What was with the Chun Li love all of a sudden? Seemed like everyone and their mother played her.


yo the movie links don’t work.


i got em, u know my aim name stupid.

sick sick skills on display from josh:eek: nice blocking.


can you fix the link to the videos


First off I wanna say good shit to Brandon. He really suprised the shit out of me. LOL. Damn he fucked me up. HAha. It’s all good though you win some you lose some its just a game. I lost to him and thats that. But as far as rick being mad for losing to bums? Where did that come from? I wasnt bitching about losing to brandon so why is Rick bitching about losing to me. That shit is uncalled for. Yo take your L and get over it. It aint that serious to be callin niggas names is it? Damn. I got scraped and still was laughing with brandon after he fucked me up. Whatever i just think that shit was uncalled for. Yo brandon once again Good shit dawg, but you know me and sanford got something for you at nec3
:evil: lol


don’t take it personal wigfall, rick talks trash to everyone cause he’s too powerful… but never take it serious…


Hey Phi soz about the cam, but I’m still waitin for ups to do some work…Nice job Bradon :slight_smile: your a beast. I wanted to come but I had to work… maybe next time


Well…I beat Mike D. Lost to Josh in winners But I really didn’t play all the NY except I can’t believe I lost to Justin…Ooh wellz Controllers were interesting ::note:: 2p side if you mash you can make 1p side do medium kick :lol: remember Alex? haha!! Ooh well I lost But I can still beat NY best of 10 :lol: good shit wateva see ya around



Vega Must Die Now

I don’t know where you get your results Phi, because Trevor is 4th. He beat me in the loser’s bracket.

:fury: Changing the subject to Vega :fury:

I’m sick of my consistant losing streak against this extremely gay character. I’ve taken all I can take and I’ve had it! I’m going to use Vega until I know all his weaknesses.

:mad: :mad: :mad: THEN I’M GONNA WRECK HIS SKINNY ASS!!! :mad: :mad: :mad:


Can someone send me those vids please? The links aren’t working.