Jersey Shore Returns


It’s already killing Real World, imo. Angelina is looking TOO delicious in those little booty-shorts. Unfortunately it looks like Sammi lost some curves/weight. Heh, she can’t resist…Sammi and Ronnie are apparently split up, but I’m still sensing her lust aura?, and it’s quite strong. She cannot resist. Ron will probably Bone? her sweet little ass by the 2nd or 3rd episode.

oooh, strong cold-shoulder from Snooki to Ange… that’s some tense hate and cattyness right there. Hopefully this results in a beautiful, clothes-ripping catfight soon.

How can you make an announcement this interesting, Million? :pleased:

i can’t believe they brought that bitch back that left last season because she didn’t want to work.

lol @ the camera panning from the girls fighting in the cab to the guys being super calm and twiddling with their thumbs. and just like last season, i’d be a rich man if i had a nickel for every time angelina said “trashy” or “classy”.

Can’t wait to see those bitch fights. :wow:

haha, MTV casting strikes gold once again…they knew EXACTLY what they were doing by bringing Angelina back. The tension has already popped off and we’re just on episode 1. Still no actual catfight though, just a lot of yelling and general catty bitterness/insults.

Angelinaaaaaa Angelina Angelina. [media=youtube]PIJzpdJIdmI[/media] So gorgeous…so delicious.

haha, nice style from Ronnie: “Fuck that, I’m in Miami bitch!” Nice.


the preview of future episodes makes it seem like there is going to be a lot of fighting going on, cant wait. MTV struck gold with this series :tup:

wow…the real world cannot compete…this season is going to be shear entertainment.

I cant wait to see Jwoww and sammi fight too. It also looks like snooki gets into it with angelina as well.

snooki is looking especially terrible this season, for someone so popular you’d think she’d have got her ass on the jennifer hudson weight loss plan already.

:rofl: word…she looks like miss piggy to me.

Ronnie was slobbering on those goofy looking broads at the club though…not a good look. If i was him id play both sides and be with sammi and get to go out and do hatever with random broads. Yknow…a part-time bf.

All those dudes get the lameones.Seriously…during the previews they even alluded that they was getting nothing but lowtier.


Is the show gonna be up on MTV again like they did last season?


sadness :(((((((((((((((

I demand more fist pumping and Snookie punches.

I love the Jersey Shore because it’s stupid and they use awesome terms.

I’ve started to use the term “grenade” and “landmine” now. Oh and I’ve been seeing more fist pumping at clubs lately. Jersey Shore is a sweeping the nation! :rock:

Dem Grenades and now Landmines.

Love this show.

landmines and grenades

splashed some water on my face, and realized WE HAD GRENADES


I’m surprised people haven’t heard the term “grenade” before… my friends and I have been using that since college, I think.