Jersey Shoreyuken 2 Results!


First off, I would like to thank everyone who came and showed their support! It seemed as if everyone had a great time and people really like the venue. I just wished more people could have shown up! There’s always next time though.

SSF4 Singles

  1. FYC Marlin Pie
  2. FYC Ryder
  3. DMG Rico Suave

Lastly, I think i’m going to host Jersey Shoreyuken 3 in late August, early September, so stay in touch!


Thanks again Slob for the great venue and tournament. People who did not attend this time should seriously look into coming to the next one.

I have to tip my hat to Justin for hooking everyone up with free cheeseburgers & hot dogs. Those burgers were amazing.

Shouts outs to my FYC teammates for pulling out another great performance as well as Rico Suave who has an amazing Hakan. Watch out for this guy.


for my first tourney, i enjoyed myself. just salty that i took my L’s quickly. i liked the place and whenever there is ssf4 tourney going down, ill be there. ya should do a 3rd strike because i played it before the tourney and that was pretty fun as well. just wish i had more time to play people in money matches


First street fighter tourny and i did ok for a scrub … 4th place!

shout out to kev for running the tourny well with minimal mistakes :wink:

oh and a big f-u to south jersey for being awful and not coming out to support local tournaments … you guys suck! :annoy:

mondays at nerd palace for “fight night”! If enough people start showing maybe we will start holding weeklys!!