Jersey Shoreyuken 3 Results


SSF4 Singles

  1. K Hunter (C. Viper)
  2. Kacom (Blanka)
  3. Tagger (E. Honda)
  4. Ninja Zephyr (Cammy & others)
  5. Kattermari (Rufus)
  6. Dave D (Rose)
  7. Pete68 (Zangief)
  8. Push Buttons (Balrog)

Tekken 6 Singles

  1. Chung (Paul)
  2. Ebbs (Eddy/Christie)
  3. Pete68 (Jack)

I would like to thank everyone who came out to this tournament, especially those who came from far distances. I was glad to see a healthy population of the Philly crowd there to show some support.

Anyway, I am definitely going to hold more of these tournaments, so I want your feedback! Let me know what I can do to improve the quality of the experience. For instance, I know I should probably invest in some CRT’s because I overheard some people talking about slight lag.

On a side note, that had to be the best smelling tournament I have gone to lol, it didnt smell like ass and balls, so A BIG THANK YOU TO THOSE WHO PUT ON DEODORANT!!!


Thanks Slob Murph for running this. The venue is amazing. Can’t wait for future ones! Philly pot monsters ftw!


omg i said my gt is photofinish. not k hunter.

slob murphs fei long is not free. tagger609 e honda is free. and NP Video Gaming

the absolute best venue on the east coast. If your in a 3 hour driving distance its well worth the trip


Yeah amazing venue, tournament was well-ran. Thanks slob murph! Philly will come back stronger next time.


What happened!!!


nice turnout jersey shoreyuken 4 gonna do big things