Jersey Shoreyuken 8 (MvC3 & SSF4) 3/12/11 -NJ

Whats up everyone? np Video Gaming is proud to announce the eigth installment to the successful Jersey Shoreyuken tournaments! It seemed like everyone had a great time at the last tournament, so I decided to throw another one. This tournament will feature the new Marvel Vs Capcom as well as SSF4.

HD Stream Link ? thenerdpalace on USTREAM: Check Out - NP Video Gaming 533 Tilton Rd. Northfield, NJ 08225 Phone: (609) 383-1993 If you have any…

Date -

**Venue ? **
np Video Gaming in Northfield, NJ

Schedule -
SSF4 Singles 6 PM
MvC3 Singles 8:00 PM

**Fee and Games ? **
Venue- $5
SSF4 Singles & MvC3 Singles - $10 each

SUPER STREET FIGHTER 4 1v1 $10 Entry***

  • Games to be played on Xbox 360
  • No characters banned
  • Character Lock
  • 2/3 Rounds
  • 2/3 Games
  • 99 Seconds
  • Double Elimination
  • Default Health and Handicap
  • Loser Final, Winner Final and Grand final will be 2/3 rounds, 3/5 matches
    Prize pot 70/20/10

Marvel Vs Capcom 3 1v1 $10 entry

Rules to be announced later.

More information will be announced but for right now sign up on this thread or e-mail me at

On mah birftday?! :looney:

i might come through this time if all goes well!

damn, i dont think ima be able to make it this time. if i can get out of this bullshit, ill def be there


Date has been changed from 10/2/10 to 10/16/10… Soul Calibur will be added to the tournament list as well.

Yo, it’s Malice. I had a great time at the last Jersey Shoreyuken, so I will be down again for this one, especially since I need to pay a visit to AC Hookers.

The 16th is on the same day as Season’s Beatings & MLG DC. I will be down for SC4 regardless, but I don’t know how many would show for Tekken & SF being on that day. I think the 9th of October would be a better date unless you can’t change it.

You’re right! Changed to the 9th lol

That’s what’s up.

updated with SC4 info

sweet. ill def be there now as long as school work doesn’t get in the way.


No one plays MvC2 anymore?

I’ll have it there to play, but I doubt anyone would show up if it were in the tournament… Maybe im wrong tho : /

Had to push back the date once again due to the Soul Caliber incident and many other issue : ( sorry guys!

damn, that sucks. going to a show in jersey that same night. are you gonna throw up another one before the year is over with?

: (… I pretty much have one every month, as long as nothing gets in the way.

I agree with the date change, I’ll be thereeee

Anyone wanna see other games besides the ones listed?

ill be there for this. Try to get some of the other Warriors to come by as well.