Jesse Jackson slurs on Obama...BIG TIME

Discuss personally Jesse james got cought red handed and there is nothing he can say to make it seem like he didn’t mean it:rolleyes:

nothing really to discuss. he’s irrelevant. obama’s time is now. jesse hasn’t been relevant for a long, long time.


i will say that pacifying black ppl hasn’t worked thus far, so…and everything obama is saying about what black men need to do is correct. i guess jesse feels guilty, mr. illegitimate child bearer??

Man Jesse’s hasn’t been interesting in a long time. And he knows that, thats why he pulls stunts like these and try to get his spotlight back.

That’s like saying a drunk and homeless war vet on the street hasn’t been relevant for a long long time. Way to marginalize Jackson, an active member of the movement that paved the way for Obama having a realistic shot at the White House in the first place. Not that I agree with or condone much of anything he’s said or done lately.

And that shit was a whisper in somebody’s ear, not an official comment. Keep pretending that people in the media or public office haven’t made a bunch of disparaging comments against Obama, just because a camera wasn’t around to record it.

Did anyone notice him rip a fart in anger?

Or is this fake? Cause it looks and sounds real to me… he even winces…

Jesse referred to black people as n****** in that off-air tirade.

Lol at racial hypocrisy.