Jesse "The Body" Ventura


I recently learned about Jesse thanks to youtube, and I can say he is very interesting. If some of you don’t know who he is, here are a few videos of him.


First video shows him owning Sean Hannity.


With Larry King talking about Water Boarding.


I think you would get the point out of the videos he is very much against our government right now and Democrats and Republicans. I am reading his new book out called American Conspiracies and you guys should check it out. The whole point of the book really is to show that we should be able to ask questions about our government, and not be afraid to do so.


he is a delusional child



He ain’t got time to bleed.


The guy was being rude to Jesse. Jesse has done more than your nerdy ass.


ITT: a 15 year old nerd calls another nerd a nerd on a website made for nerds.


he certainly has. what i also dont have in common with him is wont throw a tantrum and try to bully someone for calling me out on my own bullshit.


No point in this thread as both of you derailed it. Really tired of Spirit Juice, will get him banned for sure.


Iis that FEMTO in your avatar?! Kids shouldn’t be reading Berserk.


this is a good thread



All you guys can do is troll, but I’ll never leave this site. I probably won’t make threads anymore as it seems a certain group of you will fuck them up.


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Guys, this is thread is quality.


My first post was related since it was a quote that came from Ventura (but you wouldn’t know since you’re too young and shouldn’t be watching Predator). My second post was a response to a post you made; a post that derailed the thread because you called Mr Quotes a nerd. You could’ve just left out the nerd part, but you derailed your own thread. Nothing I can do about that.

I didn’t troll at all. Like I said, first post was related. Second post was a response to your own thread derailment. All I did was point out the obvious in your post.

Regardless, it’s probably best for everyone in GD that you stop making threads. Or posting.


that radio guy is a scared little fat punk, all he did was try to egg Ventura on.

wtf was he talking about claiming that Ventura was ‘out of control, talking over him, and yelling’? Ventura barely got any words in and was totally calm, while the little punk lost his mind spewing some incoherent drivel


Lolwut? usually its the other way around, SJ should ban you for starting such a retarded topic, too bad this is the wrong message board


LOL. You know, I find some of you people to be some the biggest douchebags on this earth. I talk to some other people on here, but I’ll leave there names out of the thread as they would be harrassed by Spirit Juice and most of the people in the Anime and Manga thread. I find it funny that Spirit Juice is trying to tell me what to do and intimidate me.

How the fuck is it a retarded topic? The most of you probably don’t even care about politics at all.


really that’s what you call calm? storming off a show, laying physical hands on the dude then giving him hard stares?
while a fat little punk i wouldn’t call him scared, a face to face argument and he didnt back down. something i dont hear often when i listen to these types of shows when DJ’s will pop off when dude’s over a phone, or when theyre out of the studio


youre absolutely right

i dont like that spirit jewce guy either, hes a furry

lets take a vote, all in favor of banning spirit juice raise your hand

sorry bro youre outta luck


spirit juice?



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