Jesse's CVS2 help thread


In an attempt to make up for campbell’s slack, i’m starting a thread.

First Tip
rolling as a crossup-
after a knockdown a lot of people jump for a crossup. certain characters (iori, sagat, sakura, chun) with fast or ambiguous rolls can knock an opponent down, and roll into the opponent as the opponent is getting up, a low short becomes a 50/50 mixup because it’s incredibly hard to tell where it is coming from


cant this be EASILY countered with a wakeup throw? :frowning:


Why won’t you play me in Marvel? :frowning:

And what’s a good A-Sagat corner custom besides c.fp x 3,, s.fp x 2, FP Tiger Uppercut x 2, Tiger Genocide?

Oh, and give me an easier midscreen CC besides his DPxxFiercexxRoll crap; I can’t get the damn timing down…


No, this can’t be EASILY countered with a wakeup throw :frowning:

(Assuming the person doing the roll crossup doesn’t have penises for brains)


I don’t play you in marvel cause i’m gonna have to pay 50 cents, beat you, and then play the computer on busted ass sticks until i beat the game

a-sagat combo… test this out, but i think if you start the corner combo with 7 or 8 jab tiger uppercuts it should do more damage.

for a midscreen custom, you can do sweep close fierce close fierce roll, fierce fierce roll. Timing is pretty funky though. better off saving the meter or learning the dp fierce roll combo

no, in fact, if your opponent trys to wake up throw, they will eat counter hit short into combo. you want to roll into the opponent and have the roll end right before they are getting up, then do a low short before they have any time to do anything besides a dp or super.

Burghy- Good work regulating. Good use of penis for brains


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Yes… but i’m only half white


corner sagat:

-fp dp, activate, lp dp x 5, fp dp, j.u/b lp, lp, fp, land, c.fp XX high tiger cannon

-c.fp x 2, s.fp,, s.fp, lk TK, lp dp, fp dp, j.u/b lp, lp, fp, land, c.fp XX high tiger cannon

-when opponent is in the air lk TK(does more damage then lp dp), activate, lp dp x 5, fp dp, j.u/b lp, lp, fp, land, c.fp XX high tiger cannon.

-fp dp or lk TK vs air opponent, activate, lp dp x 2, j.u/b lp(whiffs), land, wait for counter attack or safe fall (if any), c.fp x 2, s.fp,, s.fp XX high tiger cannon.

its a reset combo, so theres a chance your opponent will block it. if they try any type of counter, you can go for it. if not, to for a fk throw.


-c.fp x 3,, s.fp XX high tiger cannon

-activate, trip guard,, close [s.fp x 2 XX roll] x 3, fp dp, high tiger cannon


Jesse: Your strat of walking back and forth with Sakura and pressing FK wasn’t enough for me to beat Junior B… You give shitty strats. :mad:

On a side note, I heard A-Sak, Benimaru, and Yuri rape K-Groove for FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEE…


walking back and forth pushing roundhouse doesn’t work when he jumps at you, haha, dumbass