Jessica Biel = Chun Li!?

Liv Tyler is doing THE HULK, not Jesse Biel. Although I do think that Biel will get the “Chun Li” offer on the Hyde Park/20th Century Fox adaptation of “Street Fighter.” (Keira Knightley & Jessica Alba already passed). Ashok Amritraj’s Hyde Park Entertainment and Capcom Ltd. are developing a new movie based on the popular videogame franchise ?Street Fighter.?

The movie will focus on the game’s most popular female fighter, Chun-Li, but the exact storyline is being kept under wraps. Hyde Park and Capcom’s film is targeted to be released in 2008, the 20th anniversary of the game franchise.

I thought Chun Li was azn? I like Jessica Biel but…

your late sir…there’s another thread on this…

This is already in the general discussion forum, where it belongs.

:wonder: Last time I checked, Chun Li was Chinese but I could be wrong on this one… dood.

I just want an SF2: The Animated Movie-type shower scene. :hitit:

haaaaaaaaaahahahahahahahaha~ damn right she passed

This is bullshit.

I’d still fuck her though.

The movie from what I understand is suppose to revolve around chun li which would make her the lead role.

Hollywood won’t put an asian woman as a lead role in something like this.

A movie where chun-li is the lead role? No thanks.

Don’t waste your time hollywood.