Jesters' (CT) Results 3/21/03 (And last 2 weeks)

Good tourney, Waterbury showed up, some bs at the end with the left stick, we tried to switch sides to compensate but not much you can do when certain stuff won’t work at times. Blah. Oh well.


  1. Phil Burnell a.k.a. DSP “World’s Most Hated Player”
  2. Kevin Smith “Darksyde Killa” yeah right!
  3. Hector “I killed Dru two tournies in a row”
  4. Jay Alajandro from Waterbury “Goy!”
  5. Tony Barnhill representing Waterford!
  6. Dru represending Bridgeport (Even though he lives in Shelton!)
  7. Josh “I got hit on by Ricky Ortiz!” Jodoin
  8. Freddie “I START with Commando, bitch!”
  9. Jose “Skillz” Feliciano from Waterbury
  10. James Kutz “The Guy With the STAFF Shirt”
  11. Chai Lee Nguyen a.k.a. KONG “I didn’t fawking DO that!”
  12. Kyle Jones…I don’t have anything to say about Kyle

I also won MvC2 last week, I believe it was:

  1. Phil Burnell
  2. David Luu
  3. Kevin Smith
  4. Chai Lee Nguyen
    …don’t remember other players order, sorry.
    Week before that, we had some more bs with controls, so Kevin and I agreed to just tie and split the money :slight_smile:


  1. James “Finals are sudden death!” Austin
  2. Phil Burnell “The best damn CvS2 player that doesn’t play the game”
  3. Josh Jodoin “Cammy ownz me”
  4. Tony Barnhill “RC HEADBUTT, LOOMPH OI!”
    …don’t remember rest

Last week there was no CvS2, week before it was a tie between me and Tony because we had to leave (mall security kicked us out during finals). Josh got 3rd.

Uhhhh, I beat Fred in tourney dude, I should be farther in the bracket.

Sup my ct peeps whats good. its me your boy L.
Sounds like it was a fun tourney wish i could’ve been there.
Any way i’ll be coming through sometime soon with the X man and maybe a few others. But what i gotta know is whats popin after the tourny? i mean can we go to a club, a bar, a strip joint or something! I don’t really cear where we go as long as bitiches is there and they ready to show love to Black Jesus.
I’ll holla back to let y’all know when we coming through peace

P.S. hopefully i’ll see most of you before we come down at The Break’s hunger break tourney if not i’ll catch you on the rebound

Oh yeah, phil is retired and doesnt want to travel anywhere for a tourney, yet hes the 1st to post about his 1st place winning at a weekly tourney. Your still a cornball and a hypocrat. Yeah hector shootiing me 2 tournies in a row :frowning:
LOL, YEAH L!!! dropppin replies on srk but could never call a nigga back:bluu: jk, just hit me up dawg, you know your always welcome up to CT and i see what i can do about the girls etc etc… hit me up soon.

Dru can’t get no girls, he’s pussywhipped and I dunno if he even goes out with the girl anymore!