Jesters Waterford,CT Weekly mvc2/cvs2 2/21

Sorry about apex not being up everytime i try to post the results i get wierd messages bringing me back to the original screen:(. Well heres the results great tourney guys!
1st. Kevin Smith
2nd. Dru Atanacio
3rd. Chai Lee AKA Kong!
4th. Phil Burnell
6th. James Kutz
6th. Tony Barnhill
8th. Phong “Speedy” Nguyen
8th. Kyle Jones
10th. Ryan Perkins
10th. Josh Jodoin

WOW GUYS I REALLY SUCK NOW! Sorry if i mispell names and Phong could I get your last name? I left the sheet in James car after being in it for 45 minutes.

1st. James Austin
2nd. Kang "KCXJ"
3rd. Phil Burnell
4th. PJC
5th. Tony Barnhill
8th. Shankar
8th. Jorge
8th. Josh Jodoin

Sorry if any of those results are wrong, if they are please CONTANT ME. Dont go complaining just PM me or IM me on aim and I will fix it? ok people? Next week will be a fun tourney.

Good shit Mr. Smith!!!

i’m a pretty flower

I really got 4th but I’m so good I automatically advance a spot. I guess Josh knows that Kong’s win over me was a fluke!!!

yoo my name

its nguyen … pz

pretty good tournament …

i think it was pretty kool … nice sticks except for the left side i gues… i had a good match wit tony. won by luck … maybe i coudl handle him next time… that kid james is pretty good … u guys shoudl keep playin /… and dru and kevin sucks hahaha 1

:lol: Kong actually did beat Phil, haha!!! Make sure you fix that (Kong ='s 3rd and Phil ='s 4th) so I could make fun of Phil all the time!!!

Shout out to my CT peeps…good shit Kev on geting first!
Drw holla at your boy anytime…you know how we get down!
Hero tell dave i’m coming for him! Phill…maybe you should stick to
cvs2. See ya’ll cats at the next tourney, in CF,CT,or Jersey whenever and whereever so we can throw down!

I can’t play MvC2 anymore. Every time I play, and I realize how much work it is just to get simple shit out, I realize how I could be having 10 times more fun playing ST and I’ll actually have to think a hell of a lot more…

MvC2 is such ass, sorry but ST is still godlike, cripes 3s is even better. I’m getting sick of the MvC2/CvS2 every week at Jesters.

dru sold out…

Then stop going like ME!!! Even Dave didn’t want to go last week!!! :lol:

The other 360 is fixed, so stfu about it. Its not even tight it feels like the right stick.

??? i kinda dont get what you mean so, i’ll just take it and smile:D if u get a chance, pleez xplain why i "sold out"

I can play any fighting game along as there is competition, this is what I beleave makes a good game. Some games are utter shit (DOA,Bloody Roar, etc.) but vs games are unique and the great competition we have in america make this game my favorite to play at the moment. Though my favorite game is a3 I know you guys would dissagree saying the game sucks but Bridgeport has no expirience in the game at all. A2 is still dope as hell but i prefer a3 over it just like how I love ST but id wrather play HF. 3s is a wonderful game but I am quickly bored when I do play it because i do not play it enough to do anything not scrubby like. If you guys would want other games for Jesters tourneys, PLEASE REQUEST THEM k? We could try to do our best to run 3 tourneys at once. Maybe well bust out another tv and hold ST tourneys.

We should start having ST tournaments.

I would own up phil for free.

  1. I would own you all in A3. Which is sad.
  2. ST tourney = free money and points for me. There is no comp in CT besides Scott and the guy is too rusty to beat me.
    -I’m taking ST at ECC this year. Unless Cole comes or something and then I might have to accept 2nd.

man you were supposed to be the best in ct… you sold out to kevin’s gimmicks…

to phil: 2nd in st??? maybe if julien breaks his arm… but you’d probably make it to the a3 finals with temujin…

I went to Evolution and learned how to play. Julien won’t beat me ever again, trust. I am the best on the East Coast in that game, hands down…EXCEPT for maybe Chris Li because he’s really improved from what I’ve heard…he “got his groove back” lol.

WTF who do you use in a3? Next friday well play some a3, GRUDGE MATCH STYLE lol 2o3 loser buys winner any one thing off the dollar menu at Burger King :D.

P.S. Dont be trying to play online on kaillera for some quick a3 comp, it aint worth it lol. I am the Chun Li master in mvc1?? WTF lol and My V-Akuma is supposedly god like? Thats what people say when I join rooms they are like HEY YOUR THE GOD LIKE AKUMA GUY, or YOUR CHUN IS THE BEST ON KAILLERA! Comp isnt worth it unless you want to play a bunch of savath teams in mvc1 or random A-ism characters(MOSTLY SHOTOS!) in A3.