Jesters Waterford, CT Weekly MvC2/CvS2 2/28/03

Great tourney guys! I had a lot of fun, the tourney was full of alot of crazy matches especially with Tony’s magneto on crack!

1st. Tony Barnhill "E-Mag"
2nd. Kevin Smith
3rd. Hevad Khan
4th. Chai Lee aka KONG!!!
5th. Josh Jodoin "AminorThreat"
5th. Diego Vazquez
7th. Kyle Jones
7th. James Kutz
9th. Chris Mott
9th. Matthew Calvano


1st. Tony Barnhill
2nd. Josh Jodoin
3rd. Kevin Smith
4th. Cornell
5th. Diego Vazquez
5th. Jorge
7th. Aaron Coggins
7th. Matthew Calvano
9th. Dan Cordock "Weeman"
9th. Chai Lee AKA Kong

Good shit, see ya guys next friday!

Hero, just think of mixup playing magneto. That was Tony on friday :). You guys are missing out on alot, we have perfect sticks with perfet buttons :). Welcome to gaming heaven.

My son is too good!

well i hope you guys come down to fall river

I’ve seen Tony’s Magneto and personally I don’t think it’s really that good!!! I’ve played him a few times in casual play with joke teams, and I think the kid only beat me once!!! I have no clue WTF happened to Kevin, but that’s my opinion!!! Hopefully i’ll get a Friday off and be able to play Tony in the tournament! :evil:

Allright, Tony’s gotten hella better since the last time you were here. He got sick of losing and started to train a little bit. He can set up the inf with ease and keep it going as long as he wants now.

Team Bridgeport.

P.S. - Change the Tournaments to Saturday. :frowning:

P.P.S. - Change the Tournaments to GG.

yeah, that way you can have like 3 people come, good idea.

Between, CT, MA and RI (solely represented by Dwayne), we can probably scrounge up about 10 and change. Still pretty sad, though.