Jesters Weekly MvC2 9/25/02


Jesters Weekly MvC2 10/25/02

Wow!! Great tournies guys, the next ones will be even better though! Please tell me if i misspelled your name or left out your nickname.

10 man tourney.

1st Dru(LiquidSwordz)
2nd David Luu
3rd Hero Luu
4th Hai Lee
5th Josh Jodoin(AminorThreat)
5th James Kutz
7th James Austin
7th Kyle Jones
9th Marcus Mack
9th Bob Nelson

Mad props for Hero taking over for Carlos Munol in the losers and making it to 3rd. Hope to see you all next week!


Josh: it’s 10/25, not 9/25, lol.

Also, Dru’s full name is Andrew Atanacio, if you want to put these results in Apex…they’re really cracking down on people who don’t give full names anymore.

Uh oh, Dru defeats Dave twice, once 3-1 and once 4-1…

Does this make him…


Kevin Smith was absent from this tournament, maybe if he was there he would have taken it?



:lol: :lol: :lol: Fun tourny, hopefully there will be more people next time! Gotta get the pot up there!!!


O yeah, mad props to Josh for getting some type of tourny activity going on in CT. Mad props to James (the guy who works there) as well for letting us stay a little longer!!!


Hahaha, almost forgot, if you read this Carlos, I gave Dru your share of the money as promised :smiley:


if u want to enter my name in full form, jsut put Dru Atanacio. not to be a dick but it was 3-1 and then 4-0, sorry dave, your still my boy:D anyways, hopefully i can get up there next week, i get outta work around 4 but hey, we will see.


New results??? :bluu:


I dont know who has them!? Also the Apex is F’d Up right now, we have it but they typoed the password or account name and I cant get a hold of Javi.


I see! Well, I gave the results to James but I think I remember all the placings! So, whenever you guys get everything fixed, just either get a hold of James or hit me up on srk!!!