Jesus liked a bit of the ole Judean sausage!


I wish I was in the USA to see the coverage of this :frowning:


Oh heeeeeeeeellllllllll naw. I’ma have to whoop Elton John’s ass. This libel will not be tolerated.


Oh shit. I should have see this coming, but oh shit. :rofl:





Epic trolling from Elton, gone from guy who plays piano and wears wierd sunglasses striaght up to best gay troll of '10. (The gay is not meant to be in a derogotive tone)


lol if Jesus existed at all, I personally don’t think he was gay. I think he fucked Mary on the regular. But then he did love John… Maybe he was bi-curious?



Did you just call Jesus a motherfucker?!


Mary Magdalene, homie. Ho #1


He’s talking about Mary Magdalene, not Mary his mother.


Ohhhhh… long time since bible lessons.


SRK is always good for lulz when you need them…

  • :bluu:


too bad Elton is the womanish type gay. A manly gay bear would have said Jesus had the buttsecks with Muhammad, with Brahma giving 4 handed hand jobs!


John was his cousin, right?


Sounds like a GDLK orgy if you’re into that kind of thing.


There are lots of people who think Jesus was gay. Principal reason number one as to why is because he wore sandals.


This is what keeps me coming back to SRK. That, and your avatars.

Hm… I hear about people who think Jesus was black, but I never heard of people talking about Jesus being gay.


A new comic by Stan Lee


That’s grounds for being de-knighted.


southpark did it aldeady


You guys are all going to burn in hell! Elton too