Jesus reset after rom

get them almost in the corner w/ rom, do single hold down+lk on the dash down. they flip out in the corner, dash (slide or claw it) this wiff looks crazy because it looks like it should hit, then do cr. lk, lk +doom, s.j. hp. dash down quick hp, tempest, dash down forces you to the ground before them for instand cr. lk, cr. hk, to follow up.

i’m curious about a few other jesus combos, any one have any good ones w/ mad damage? addf sj.d+lk and then what? Land and

sj uf lk lk, dash df lk lk, until you get about max cr hk range from the corner. sj lk lk, dash d lk, land, dash + cr lk (lk wiffs really tight after character flips out from the single d+lk in the last hit of rom) then hi/low mix into that tempest+doom, back to inf.