Jesus the new Mars Volta album is amazing

I recommend it to any TMV fan, and even for those who felt a bit dismayed after Bedlam, this album is so fucking good, no lie. It captures everything good of their last albums into one brilliant album. Sogood.gifx10

I’m a huge fan of the volta, so i’m psyched. Still haven’t gotten a hold of the album but the Malkin Jewel is cool, nice to see them really mix it up and try something new.

And wtf let down after Bedlam!?! dude that was their best album.

I was opposite, I was a bit skeptical after hearing Malkin, but it fits perfectly, and this album is a masterpiece. Honestly I wasn’t Bedlam’s biggest fan. But I really liked Octahedron, and Noctourniquet is just brilliant return to form. I love it.

I’m more excited about the At The Drive-In reunion at Coachella. Hopefully (fingers crossed) they make a new album. Less acid rock Frances the Mute and more punk rock [LEFT]Acrobatic Tenement.[/LEFT]

i’ll take five

Oh did they finally get over themselves and decide to do that? I was pretty sure that was never gonna happen. Last I heard they wouldn’t even play their old material at shows, after all fuck what the fans want right?

I dunno I can’t see them controlling their ego long enough to make a new At the Drive-In album, tbh. Even if they tried to start it, I don’t see them completing it.

in this thread we tell Jesus about modern prog rock :angel:

I think your right. A guy can dream though.

This masterpiece is out today, now you can officially pick it up :slight_smile: